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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 50
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I did thesame, I was about to shut my c-m inside her when I remember jummy. Immediately I pulled out and release on her ass. I felt relieved and weak so I fall down on the bed to catch my breath.
” why did you pull out ” she asked after some minutes.

” I’m scared that I might get you pregnant ” I said while lying down on the bed.
“you don’t have to worry cos I have an after sex drugs. I have postinor 1. So next time don’t waste your c-m outside on my ass” she said. I grabbed her ass then put in my d--k back into her p---y.
“I’m filling the hole this time around ” I said as I set my d--k into action.


One Sunday morning, I was Drinking palm wine with baba dudu and some group of neighborhood friends which attend the church service only when there’s a ceremony that involves sharing of food.

They were saying shit all over and I was laughing and nodding to them. I also contribute when necessary.

During this period, a call came in from my mom and I knew her intentions was to ask if I’m in church or not.

Before picking up her call, I quickly voice out to my fellow palm wine drinker to be singing Christian song.

just as I pressed the green button I head them singing “joy to the world ”
“What the f--k? Xmas song in early September? ” I muttered not knowing that my mom was listening.

Mom: ay you didn’t go to church again.

Me : seriously I’m suppose to be at the church just…

Mom : just what?

Me: someone borrowed my Bible and he is yet to return it.

Mom : but you have a Bible app installed in your phone.

Me : I’ve uninstalled it. I don’t have it anymore.

Mom : what about Google Play, can’t you download a new one. Don’t tell me that you don’t have data.

Me : I have data but the network is bad here in my area.

Mom: oh really, but if you want to chat with your girlfriends. You know how to use the 4G.

Me : OK… I’m sorry mom. You got me.

Mom : how’s study going?

Me : very well thank you.

Mom : I hope you still call Adesewa dad. You know you are like a son to him.

Me : it been a while I call him, he kept asking for my account number.

Mom : so why don’t you give him.

Me : I’m old enough to take care of myself. I work for the money I use in feeding myself. I pay for my house rent. The only thing you guys are doing for me is paying my school fee, which I assume is your responsibility because I’m your son. I can’t forever be mama boy or a daddy boy. If I expect everything from you, then I’m going to have a problem settling down. I Only call Adesewa dad to make him feel like a father. But I don’t like it when he want to send me money. I know I need his assistance but for now, I can survive on my own.

Mom : here he goes again. Do you still have food stuff?

Me : getting low, why do you ask?

Mom: I’m passing through Akungba to Ikare on Tuesday, I can help bring some food stuff.

Me : you know that won’t be necessary but… Thank you mom.

Mom : okay son see you on Tuesday.

Me : can’t wait. Bye bye.

Mom : you don’t even ask of your dad.

Me : he viewed my status on whatsapp 20 minutes ago. That shows that he’s fine.

Mom :funny you. He sent his regards.

Me : OK. Love you both.

I ended the call and the drinking continues. We were 12 in numbers and the drinking seems to be going quite well.

After we finished a keg of palm wine, we were still deciding whether to order for another one cos everyone seems to have reach a high limit of palm wine.

During this time, a call came in from mercy.

Mercy :hello oko Adesewa.

Me : My Aduke.

Mercy :(smiling) how are you?

Me : I’m fine what’s up

Mercy : are you in church?

Me :No why asking?

Mercy : OK, I need your help. Can your drive a manual car

Me : yes I can what’s up with a manual car.

Mercy : my dad is doing something in church today and all his cars are manual. We need someone who can operate a car, someone who can help us drive the food and drinks to church.

Me: why calling me? Why don’t you call your boyfriend?

Mercy : common Ay don’t be mean. Of cos I called him but he’s not picking. I guess he’s in church and I don’t even know if he can drive.

Me : OK give me your location.

Mercy : I’ll text it to you… Emmm I don’t know if you can come with any of your friends to come help us. There’s no single guy to help us here. Maybe you can take segzy along…

Me : sorry who is segzy.?

Mercy : segzy your friend nao

Me : who?

Mercy : that black guy that spoke with Shukurah.

Me : oh baba dudu. Sorry I don’t know him as segzy. Is Shukurah there with you?

Mercy : yes she’s here.

Me : then he will definitely come.

Mercy : if you see another person too, you can call him to join.

Me: well if that’s what you want. I got dozen. Text me the address .

Mercy : ok ok. I will.

I ended the call then I face my fellow palm wine drinker.

“guys listen up, we’ve had enough of palm wine let go catch some fun, someone just invited me to a church that jollof rice will be certain. Not only that, we will have some girls to talk to at someone house, so who’s ready for the show ?” I said then they all yell in response.

” OK, let go home and freshen up. You pigs are stinking ” I said then I speed out while the rest came running after me.
“na your lecturer be pig ” they said as they came running after me, before we knew it, we were already at home.

I got the text from mercy, and after we’ve all had our bath, we head to the place.

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