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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 52
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I hate snakes…

Sade kept screaming like someone being electrocuted. She jumped out of the bed and speed outside like Barry Allen.

I was left in the room with this big cobra, the snake body was on me and it kept moving slowly around me.

I love to kill snake, but being entwine by a snake is something I’ve never experience before in my life.

The snake move slowly away from me then lie peacefully on the bed beside me.
I wondered the kind of snake that does that, sleeping on the bed.

I got up slowly then I began searching for weapon which I can use to kill the snake.
The snake feels less concerned and confident, then I began thinking again.

“What kind of snake is this, For my area if I come across any snake, the snake will be the one to pick race, but this snake didn’t.
I saw a flower vase on a stool so I pick the two of them up, both the vase and the stool. I planned trowing the vase at the snake and if it attack me, I’ll use the stool to defend myself.
I knew the impact will only be strong on the floor and not the bed, so I lifted the bed up and the snake fell on the floor.
Before the snake could climb back on the bed, I pieces the vase on it head.

The snake seems to be very strong as the vase seems to have no effect on it.
“bloody Togolese! ” I muttered as I made to attack it with the stool I’m holding When some people [email protected] in which includes the bride father and some middle age men.
” is it a cobra snake? ” the bride father asked.
“oh yeah and I’m about to hit it with this aba stool ” I replied swiftly.

” don’t kill it ooo” he screamed back.
“what? Don’t kill what? Maybe you don’t understand, I have the best shot right over here, it not gonna survive this…”
” it’s custom, we don’t kill that kind of snake in this area ” the bride father cut in.
” what? ” I asked perplexed. ” you got to be kidding me, this snake is big, this is… Meat!!! ” I let out loudly.

” it’s a taboo for us to kill that kind of snake, and beside it came to you because this room used to be it room ” the bride father said and I was like
” what the f--k? A snake got a sleeping room ?” I threw out.
” yes, you can even see that it’s friendly, it won’t harm anyone,you guys can just sleep together ” he replied.
” Sleep to-what? I rather spend the night in the living room ” I said then I carry my make up kit and my luggage to living room. I met the bride and Sade on the way. I’m certain it’s her that went to wake up the whole house.

I positioned myself on one of the long chair and then use my bag as a pillow. Sade spent the night with the bride mother, and after what happened I couldn’t sleep, I kept opening my eyes at intervals to be sure that I’m not lying with snake again.

The dawn took forever to arrive, my eyes were opened through out the night and then I began to feel sleepy when the morning arrived.

I had to force myself to stand up since I’m not there to sleep. The day happened to be the engagement day so I’m doing traditional make up on the bride face.
It was as if all the food in my stomach was transferred away cos I wake up feeling hungry like a chicken.

I couldn’t wait for the breakfast to done so I went out to buy bread.

After getting the bread, I went to the living room to have it devour but what I saw make me open my mouth in agape.

On top of my make up box layed this cobra snake. My head went offline after seeing It.
” this snake is trying me ooo. Which kind rubbish is this na ” I screamed out but it seems no one hear me. Everyone is busy doing some sort of preparation so I was left talking to a snake.

” will you get up from my box, before I break your head for you ” I said to the snake hoping it will leave but it didn’t.
” See I’m telling you now ooo. Leave my box alone ooo” I let out again. But I got an answer this time around.
” you are so funny, you are talking to a snake. ” that came from the bride sister. Her name is nkechi, so I heard.
” it’s not funny, this snake is sitting on my box and it making me feel uncomfortable ” I let out.

” well I also don’t like the snake but the snake seems harmless, so just carry your box or should I help you ?” she asked.
” of cos you should” I replied swiftly. She chase the snake away then she helped me with the box.
“thank you ” I appreciated.
” well I came to tell you that it’s time for you to do your work. The bride is waiting ” she said then she lead the way while I follow behind.
She took me to the bride home and I entered. I almost turn back when I met some set of ladies half naked and walking around the room. Some are even braless.

My presence seems not to bother them, so I restrained myself from turning.

Sade has already dress for the bride in a traditional attire and the remaining work is just the facial make up.

I signalled to Sade about what I’m seeing, and she wink back in a way of go ahead they don’t care.

” I thought we are expecting a female make up artist ” one of the ladies let out.
” Actually it happens to be a guy, I think you guys should bracket those boob’s ” I let out with a hand demonstration.

They are laughed at me as if I’m a comedian.

” young man, you should have consider that before choosing a lady job. Are the boob’s affecting you ” another one said as she bounce up her breast.
” hell No, I’m… I’m not new to seeing boobs. If you will excuse me, I got a work to do ” I said then I head straight to the bride.
” hello beautiful what’s your name ” I said as I la!d down my box in front of the bride.
“Angelina ” she replied shyly.
” sweet name you got, I need you to do whatever I say… and I’ll be done soon ” I said and then she nodded.
I mentioned Sade closer and then I began the make up.

Nkechi was the first to come, then followed by a lady with only bra and wrapper. Before I knew it, they’ve all gather to watch me as I do the make up.

They kept sounding like police siren behind me and when I finished up the make up, they all rush at me begging me to help Make up their face.

That wasn’t in the agreement so I didn’t answer them.

They called on the bride’s mother, then she made another agreement with me, after the agreement, I set my tools down then I begin work on their face.

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