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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 54
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On the wedding day, after the bride has put on her wedding gown, I came in to do the bridal make up.

I was almost done with the make up when the bride received a call, I wasn’t really listening to her conversation but I noticed that her smiling face suddenly changed.
I knew something was wrong, but I kept doing my job. When she was done calling, I saw her pressing her phone and the next thing I heard was a female sex tune.

“is the bride watching p--n?” I thought out loudly but the look on her face doesn’t seems like she’s enjoying what she’s seeing.

I knew there is a problem when I saw tears rolling down her eyes.
” you gonna spoil the make up, why are you crying ?” I questioned blindly.
” I’m not going to that wedding! Everything ends here!! It’s all over!!! ” she screamed out with tears which attracted the attention of everyone present in the room. Her phone fell down, so I quickly pick it up to know why she suddenly change her mind.

On picking the phone, I saw a sex video of the groom with another lady.
” holy shit! What the f--k? ” I muttered voicelessly to the air.

While I was still watching the video, the bride ran out of the room and no one could catch up with her.

Nkechi came to me asking for what happened, I gave her the phone and she also saw the video.
“oh my God ” she muttered as she ran out of the room.

Within a seconds everywhere turned to something else. The bride was no where to be found, we asked the gate man if he saw her going out, but he said the opposite.
We searched the whole compound for her but we didn’t see her.

We all sat down in the living room trying her phone but she has already switch it off.

We wondered where she could be since they’ve ransacked every spot and room in the building, but she’s still not found.
We can’t find the bride….

Half an hour after the disappearance of the bride, I went to the bride’s room to pack my make up tools then I head to the room given to me with the aim of arranging my stuffs since everything has turn bad.

Just as I entered my room, I saw the bride sitting on the bed crying. It was like a magic to me then I remembered that my room was the only room they didn’t check and that’s because of privacy, no one could have imagine that the bride will be there.
She wasn’t surprise to see me, but I was to see her.

” don’t tell anyone that I’m here, I just want to be alone ” she said as more tears flow down her eyes.

At first I was confused on what to do, I thought of going back outside, but it doesn’t feels right.

All she needs is someone to talk to, I reasoned that I can save a marriage, but I didn’t know if I have the strength to proceed.
I stood there battling with my thought when I heard her saying something.
” I trusted him, I gave him all my heart, I love him completely… He just trashed everything away ” she said slowly.
I sat down on the bed beside her but not too close to her then I told a story.
” The most beautiful thing in this world is getting married to someone you love.
I wrote a poem some months ago, I was never in the shoe, but it came to me.

I watched him crying
Through a distant Yelling
I could hear her rumbling
So soft with painful m0an!ng
She never want it that way
He thought he had the right way
Does it call for an over?

She’s been strong, slept in the cold without cover
And he’s nowhere to be found
But There la!d him in the snow, trying to make ends meet.

When She needs him
He’s out and gone
Does it call for a done?

He fails to realize her want
She falls to understand his goals
Perhaps she should have walk his shoes
Love always come with challenges
Love killed the great Achilles
Love led to the fall of Troy
Think before you say over
You might not be able to get over
When you let him or her go
You’ve let yourself go
That was just a poem that have nothing to do with you, but some lines speaks of you.

A woman came to me one day, she will be in her late 40s. You seems to have a similar issues, when she was in her 20s, she was to be married to someone who betrayed her trust on her wedding day. So she called off the marriage.

Trust they say is like sheet of paper, when sq££ze, is when lost, no matter how hard will try to straight it up, it will never be thesame. That quote has been years before I was born.

But that was a bad illustration of trust. sometimes people got misleded by what we lived to see and hear. Our life ain’t meant to be guided by a quote from someone. It’s just like a car with a driving manual. The driving manual won’t drive the car, but we ourself will. Our life is in our hands. We design how we want to live it by ourselves. We have the right to make both the right and the wrong choice.

When are making the right choice, we know. And when we are also making the wrong choice. We certainly know.

The woman knows that leaving the marriage was a wrong choice, but just because of the trust illustration she had. She choose the wrong choice.

Environmental determinism says the environment determines the way of life of human being, but when the possibilist came, they said man has the right to choose in the given environment, which means if an environment is not good for him, he have the right to adjust.

It was after she walk away from the marriage that she discovered that she have the power to build up another trust. When a trust is lost to someone, the real problem becomes you. You will say I can’t trust him again, then you are having a trust problem cos that person might still trust you, and that person might turn a new leaf. You’ll be left with the problem, the question will be for how long?
Sometimes we need to give it one more thought, decisions made out of anger are always not right. If you are letting him go, think of when you’ve started. Ask yourself the question, does it worth it?

We all have the heart to forgive, Paul was once a slayer.

It was late before the woman realized her mistake. Do not make thesame mistake she made, you can still make things right. The decision you make right now will determine the rest of your life. ”

And when I ended my speech, she hugged me.
“thank you so much…this really mean alot to me, can I tell you a secret .” she asked.
” sure you can” I replied.
” I really love him, and I want to get married to him. ” she let out with a smile.
” Wao… Can you also keep a secret, I have something to tell you ” I said in a whisper.
” what is it? That you like my sister nkechi, probably you guys have… You know f--k each other… ”

” hell No! That’s not it ” I cut in.
“so what’s it, cos she already told me that she love you, and I can see it in her eyes ” she said with another smile.
“emmm… That’s not it. Emmm… You know that snake. I killed it ” I let out slowly.
” oh really? That’s awesome, I never like the snake ” she said and that came as a total surprise to me.
” Incredible. I even cook the meat, and I also fried it… ”

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