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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 55
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The door opened and the ladies came in while nkechi leads the way.

” of cos I know, and I covered for you. So you think I don’t know the meaning of pupuru and amala ” that came from nkechi. And that got me surprised again.
” have you guys been listening to us ?” I asked and they all laughed in response.
“well this is call for celebration, I have fried snake meat, who cares for one ” I haven’t finish it when they rush at me for it.
We were all eating the meat with a bottle of champagne when the bride mother came in with some people.

“it’s so good to see the bride smiling again,but what are you guys doing, the groom is waiting at the church ” that came from the bride mother.

We all paused and look at each other for a while, then we are screamed together.
“we are coming!!! ”
” iyawo, your make up is messed. I’ll will have to do another make up for you. But this one will gonna look more great on you ” I said then I quickly begin the beautifying.

The wedding went beautifully, the groom came to the bride and apologize for what he did. The bride accepted his apology and everything went well.

Nkechi was expecting me to make the move, she was expecting me to do talking just as a normal guy should, she believed that with the way she’s showing me green light that I will approach her and talk to her about love. She didn’t know that I’m oko Adesewa, I’m done talking that shit to ladies.

Well if the mountain can’t go to Mohamed, Mohamed will definitely go to the mountain.
A day before our departure, she came to me and said some things. After she was done, I decided to reply her.

“we can be best of friends, but speaking about more than friends. I don’t think that will work cos you definitely know nothing about me ” I said to her.

” Yea, I definitely don’t know anything about you but I do know something about you. You are kind, you are generous, you are lovely and you are such a gentleman. I don’t care if you reject me now or worst but you will always be a guy I fell in love with. I don’t mind crossing the bridges just to be with you, the distance won’t change anything. I’ll still love you ” she said. I searched for words to reply her but non came to me, so I left her without saying a word.
I returned back to akungba the following day with Sade.

Sade decided to wait and spend some days with me before going back to Akure, just to catch some little fun.

We were gisting together in my room one evening about the wedding party when a call from mercy came in. I ignored the call and that attract the attention of Sade.
” why ain’t you picking the call ” she asked.

” don’t mind that girl jare ” I replied with a wave.

“Hmmm… After you Don f--k her, she’s now looking like a shit to you Abi ” she said inquisitively.
” No I didn’t f--k her, the girl just made a fool of me because I like her ” I mumbled.
“Ehen? Tell me more Abeg. Give me details ” she said showing more interest.
Let me quickly introduce you more to Sade. Sade happens to be a lady that enjoy doing crazy things, she’s good at handling any kind of nasty situation, she can act and pretend as whoever you want her to be. And there’s no one too big for her to insult, she always have the ready answer for whoever deserve it.

” she played me with her boyfriend like a fool, she let me do some works for her while her boyfriend was chilling around with some absurd stuff. And the idiot even embarrassed me with some irrelevant talks by saying I should wear his used trouser because they are original and the one I’m buying are all fake. Imagine that shit ” I said and she smile in a mischievous way.

” should we deal with them? ” she questioned. I didn’t have it in mind to deal with them. So I replied saying no.
” well if you say so, no problem then. But let go club na please ” she pleaded .
” my exam is coming, I’m not suppose to be clubbing ” I defended, but she seems determined. After alot of begging I decided to let her have it.

We changed our clothes then we head out to drink some alcohol at a popular pepper soup joint.

Sade and I were busy gisting with a plate of pepper soup when Rose suddenly appear from nowhere. Her face were burning like that of an alpha wolf.
“Ay so this is the slot you are now f-----g Abi!!! ” she shouted and that attract the attention of the people around us.
“Rose calm down, it’s not what you are thinking ” I said in a low voice but the fire burning inside her seems too hot to be extinguish.

” don’t tell me to calm down, I will deal with this b---h and then…” out of anger she poured a plate of pepper soup on Sade.
“ha! You are finished ”

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