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Aduke - Season 1 - Episode 58
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On our way back home, I saw Mercy and her boyfriend moving into a beer house.
I wanted to ignore them but I found myself telling Sade.

“Sade look, that’s the girl I… I said… The one that make a fool of me ” I muttered out with a little shame.
“oh really, let go have some chat with them ” Sade said happily but I declined her.
“hell No, we are just going home ” I dragged her home that day cos I knew her intentions are always hazardous.

The following day, I went to have a group reading with my friends, last Don and Apple Boy.

I took Sade along since she said she can’t be alone at home. They’ve already know Sade before, let me say they’ve heard of her but they’ve never met her.

While we are reading, Sade was so calm and silent like a bush mole and apple boy kept disturbing me from seconds to seconds saying I should give him Sade package.
“Ogbeni it can’t work don’t you get it, she’s not your type ” I replied with annoyance back at apple boy.
” don’t tell me it won’t work, she carry fire for p---y? ” he said and that got me more annoyed.

“taiwo, se dey use woman swear for you ni? We get exam and all you are thinking is about p---y. Aweedy leave him let him go follow her talk ” last Don said and then I shrugged my shoulders.

We left him to go speak with Sade while we continue reading our book.
” hello beautiful, Emm.. My name is taiwo and you can call me apple boy. I want us to have a little chat. See I just love the way I’m looking at you. You look like the queen of England, if you don’t mind can we find a privacy outside to chat for some minutes ” apple boy said in his sweetest voice.

” I’m sorry but I do mind. I know you very well, I know that you are a womanizer but I won’t fall for your cheep charm. If I were you, I’ll return back to my friends and continue reading. Excuse me I got candy crush to complete. ” she said then she continue pressing her phone.

Apple boy looked back at us and we were like “we told you didn’t we? ”
“you know what Sade, my friend there Aweedy will be a motivation for me. I knew the hell he went through before he can win Adesewa over. Don’t think I’ll give up on you. I’ll definitely come back for you. But for now, I’ll let you be” he said then he moved back to us. Last Don and I were speechless we don’t even know the kind of comment to give on it. So we just let it roll.
We spent almost all the day indoor reading away our ass, when the evening arrived we decided we go chill out a little.

We were on the way to get a suya when a call from Aduke my facebook friend came in.

Me: hello Aduke

Aduke : don’t greet me ooo, you just forgot someone.

Me : I’m sorry… I’m so busy lately.

Aduke :anyway since I mean nothing to you, how can you even remember me.

Me : I said I’m sorry, what other thing do you want me to say?

Aduke :hmmm how are you anyway.

Me : I’m okay, I hope you are good.

Aduke : I just dey okay jare. How are your wives.

Me : incredibly great. How are your’s?

Aduke : the ones you gave me?

Me :No the ones that came from nature

Aduke :that is funny.

Me: Abi na.

Aduke : I think I miss you

Me :Awwnn I miss you more hon

Aduke : you miss me and you can’t call.

Me :arggh there she goes again

Aduke : Hmmm whatever, I just say I should hear from you.

Me : thanks for calling, I’ll return the call when I miss you more. Bye bye.

By the time I was done calling, we were already at the suya spot and Sade was already selecting the suya to buy.

A car stopped behind us, but I didn’t care to look back, I was so busy selecting the good stick of suya with Sade but my friends did look back.

I heard apple boy whistling like a Chinese sparrow then he whispered into my ear.
” Aweedy see that bae behind us, the girl fine die, just use style turn and see for yourself ”

I did as he said, I turned backward but only to see mercy standing beside her boyfriend Thompson.

“holy shit! ” I muttered as I saw her.
” oko Adesewa it’s been a while. ” she said as she smile ar me.
” Yea… Thank you mercy ” I muttered slowly.

“Awwn now it’s mercy? I missed you calling me Aduke, did I offend you? ” she asked and that was when Sade came in.
” Ay is this the Thompson that brag about buying original clothes or this is another one ” Sade said as she point at Thompson and then blink annoyingly at Mercy.

Everything was like a movie in front of apple boy and last Don cos they didn’t know anything.

I was still thinking of how to calm Sade down when Thompson replied her.

“well I can see that he introduced me well to you. I’m sorry who are you? another cheep slot? ” he said and that was where he hit it wrong.

” absolutely not. It hurt me to see that you have no brain. I look at you I see a moron driving his father car like his own. You see this guy here Aweedy, he’s my boss. He works for his money and doesn’t rely on his father money for living. Perhaps you are a G-guy, but where my man here will be chilling with his wine infront of EFCC, you will be shaking like a winter fowl. And to you, Ms finest, Looking at your pretty face, I will think you are a better person but you are worst. You are just a fool like your boyfriend. Small amount of lakaye(sense) is not in your head. If you think you will find happiness with this tadpole. All you will ever find is sorrow ” Sade said and mercy run out of the scene with tears running down her face.

“how dare you speak to my girlfriend like that ” Thompson fired out as he point his finger at Sade.

” you smoke shit for head ni? Who are you pointing finger to. Point that finger to me again and I’ll make sure that you won’t use it again” Sade flamed back.
“what will you do! ” Thompson let out in anger as he move closer to Sade.
“hey young man, you move a step closer. And I’ll see that you won’t walk out of here ” I said then I move in front of Sade.
” and what will you do if I move a step !” he said in furry.

“it’s not what will he do, it’s what will we do ” apple boy said then he move in front of me with last Don beside him.
“Ehen, so you have body guard Abi? I will come back for you ” he said then he began moving slowly back to his car in a reverse way.
” see when I come back, I will deal with all of you. Including that b---h. F--k you. I will deal with you all ” he ranted.
“Ay Abeg comot make I go break his jaw. He too dey make mouth ” Sade said as she made to run after Thompson, but Thompson quickly enter his car and zoom off.
“you for wait make I dismantle your teeth. Anopheles” Sade spatted.

we returned back home like man city with the EPL cup. We were all laughing at the scene when I got a call from a strange number.

Me : hello

Shukurah : hi it’s me Shukurah.

Me : sorry do I know you?

Shukurah : yes you did. I’m mercy friend.

Me : oh it you, check your phone I guess you wanted to call baba dudu.

Shukurah :No the call is for you.

Me : Ehen so what up.

Shukurah :how can you be so wicked like that.

Me : wicked? I don’t get you.

Shukurah : what did mercy did to receive such a horrible thing from you.

Me : a horrible thing? Horrible is when she played me like a slave with her boyfriend.

Shukurah :i don’t understand you.

Me : how will you understand since you are also aware of the shit.

Shukurah : I don’t get you.

Me : both of you should stop pretending as if you don’t know what I’m saying.

Shukurah : mercy is hurt, she’s been crying since.

Me : and what makes you think I care.

Shukurah : I thought you care. You were the only male friend she told me that do care about her.

Me : I don’t buy that shit.

Shukurah : how can you be so heartless.

Me : I’m not heartless, I have a heart. I felt hurt when she played me with her boyfriend too. So she should feel thesame.

Shukurah : what did you mean by she played you?

Me : I heard the truth from his boyfriend. How they planned together to use my as a bus driver. It’s absurd.

Shukurah : oh no. If Thompson told you this, it a pure lie.

Me : what do you mean?

Shukurah : every word from that bastard is a lie.

Me : oh.. Bastard?

Shukurah :yea I mean Thompson.

Me :you mean he lied to me .

Shukurah : 100%

Me:shit !!how’s Aduke?

Shukurah : She’s at my place but she’s hurt.

Me : where is your place.?

Shukurah :Your friend segzy know my place but I won’t advice you to come. You are the last person she will want to see now..

Me : oh… Just Help me to tell her that I’m sorry.

Shukurah :i will bye bye.

I ended the call then I face Sade.

“Sade we hit the wrong target, she was innocent. She didn’t do what that idiot said she did. It was all his ideas, and they were lies ” I muttered slowly to Sade.
“oh you mean… Shit!. OK I’ll make things right. Where can I find her ” she asked.
” how do you want to make things right? ” I asked.

” that’s my problem just tell me where to find her ” she replied then I shrugged my shoulders.

I contacted baba dudu and he gave me Shukurah address.
I gave the address to Sade and she went out that night. I waited for her to come back that night but she didn’t.
I couldn’t go home that night so I spent the night at my friends place.

Early morning the following day, we heard a knock on the door. The 3 of us felt lazy to stand up but the knocking seems to be going harder by the seconds so I slowly stand up and head for the door.

I opened the door to see Thompson and some groups of guys harmed with cutlass.
“holy shit! ” I muttered as I quickly jam back the door.

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