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Adventure Of A Cultist - Season 1 - Episode 22
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I slowly turn around to see a man looking at me with a killing eye, holding a hunter gun, no doubt this man is a hunter

So na una dey come kill people for here abi, he said

Noo, dem kidnap me since three days i said, to save my neck, i just manage to escape, abeg oga take go road were i go for see bike abeg i nor know road, i said this to look more innocent, by the look on is face i knew he is falling for it, bros abeg, i pushed on, i want make i commot for here before them know say i escape

Seeing the eagerness in me to leave that place, he had no option than to show me the way.

Take that tiny path to the end of the road then turn left and walk to the end of that road, there you will meet the major road he said.

I quickly left, started walking as he has described.

Chai this hunter nor tell me say na so this road long like this, after hours of long journey i finally made it to the road.

I stopped a bike told him were i was going, i have no other place to go and my house is note safe, yes i have to go to our base to arrange my next line of action, when i got to our base i noticed the gate was not locked i gently pushed it open and walk in the whole compound was empty none of my guys were around my heartbeat increases, this means more problem for me i walked into the house got to the major palour

By the look of things it seems, they were all having fun, because i could see a bottle of whiskey close to capons seat i think something made them leave these drinks behind, i think they heard the news of my supposed death that they hurriedly left their drinks, i think they went in search of my body.

Just then i heard the gate make a creaky noise, someone just entered the compound, i was so weak but i have to get a safer place to hide expecting the worse, there was no place to hide without being seen except back of the chair capon always sits

The chair was facing the entrance door, i have no other choice than to hide there, i dont know what fate have in store for me, i just pray its one of my guys.

Just then the entry door flung open, i peeped through the hole in the chair, i was indeed happy it was my saviour that just walked in .

I gently stood up, i could see the surprise written on Bella’s face.

I…I…. Thought you are dead she stammered.

As you can see im okay i said, what about the guys.

They are holding three days gyration in your honor she said.

How did you guys know about my supposed death i asked.

The Vikings were actually drinking when we heard a knock on the gate, one the guys went to answer it, when suddenly we heard the guy that earlier went to answer the gate ”shouting” we all ran to the gate you know nawell prepared incase of any attack, we got there to find a red letter with a parcel attached to it in his hand, capon collected the parcel from him, he opened the parcel and brought out your gun,

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