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Adventure of Wilson - Season 2 - Episode 11
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After she dozed off I rushed and pour some water on her and she cough!! While she stand sluggish to asked me what happened”I explained everything to her and left out a beautiful smile..

Me: Precious please while do you hold me hostage now? I’ve already gave you what you want!!!

Precious: hmm actually I can’t just let you leave that way cos I didn’t enjoy the show”
While she took one step towards me and planted a beautiful kisses on my lips and I left out a soft m0an..

but the problem now is that she don’t have strength just like my Vicky—what if she die on the process now her father will arrest my generation”

Precious: lover boy!! What are you thinking??

Me: Nothing Precious”while she cross her hand around my neck and planted another kiss lips again..

She held my hand and took me to bathroom and we sat on the tub.

My right hand ventured down and found the promise land amongst some black curly hairs. I stroked the opening of her cuuunt and washed it romantically inside the water. As the desire to go further heated up, she turned around and faced me while still sitting in the tub. Her legs crossed towards my back as we both drew closer and closer until my d--k found the opening of her cuunt. Then i slowly pushed forward and inserted my d--k into the opening. We pushed in and out together for a few times until it became obvious that we were never going to get maximun satisfaction from that position so we climbed out of the tub. I sat her on the edge of the tub, opened her legs slightly and buried my head, my face and my mind between her legs. She let out a loud m0an as i teased and succckked on her cl!ts. At that moment, i had that rare priviledge to take a proper look into her vegynaa. The Vagynaa that brought me to Federal Republic of Precious Depertment,I worked on her vegyna with both tongue and finger until she climaxed twice and begged me to have mercy upon her and put her out of that orgasmic misery. I carried her slowly into the room and lay her on the bed. Then i climbed on top of her and moved in my d--k into her wet, red slippery honey-pot while looking into her eyes with a beautiful smile. She held my back while i thumped in and out of her like Mazi Omenuko in the Asaya NYSC camp. The ecstacy was high on both of us as we both m0aned and fvcked until i couldnt hold my spermz any longer, then we busted into each other and remained that way for the pleasure to settle before we disentangled from each other. We remained in bed for some time before we dressed up and and whent to garden we strolled to a coconut tree and sat under it…

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