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Adventure of Wilson - Season 2 - Episode 12
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‘I am happy I told her the truth” I said though hurt…course I over enjoyed every bit of the Sex”I can’t double date I only love Victoria not her”

Precious: lover boy your dinner is ready

Me: Alright”am coming right way”
m '' '' Don’t ask me why I didn’t try any attempt to escape oo, I can’t escape this her huge bodyguard”
After dinner I fell on the pillow beside precious.

“The weather is cold and the next I heard was the voice of my mother shouting doctor”
cough!!! I cough!!!!

I slowly opened my eyes i saw my mum that sat behind me with swelling face but everything is blur”the doctor rushed in and do some Check up”

Doctor: madam your son is fine now and give all the glory to almighty God”

Mum:thanks you so much doctor**

Me: mum actually I don’t know what they want from me,all tho the most important things now is that am doing great now.

Mum: yes oh my son”!!!!

Me: but what is surprising me now is how I found myself in hospital bed”

Mum: I’m the one who took you to the hospital”I was completely give up after I don’t know were to locate where you’ve been keep hostage” after three weeks of your absent.

I was coming out around four o’clock in morning and I saw you lied down on the floor without no sign of brushes on you”

I lining some clothes on you and called Dorcas your sister and we rushed you to the hospital with my mourning clothes”

Me: lol”Mum mourned ke?

I’ll not die in Jesus name”

Mum: amen ooo

Me: mum who paid for my hospital bill cos I Know we don’t have money for the bill”

Mum: Is your principal

Me: hmmm God bless him

Mum: he also paid for your WASSCE..

Me: awnn,, but mum why is he doing all this??

Mum: because he is blaming himself for pressuring me for given that money to your father that’s why he is doing all this”

Me: God bless him.”while I started thinking about my evil father for abandoned my mother and my young sister”

Me: did anyone look for me after my vacation to nowhere??


Mum: not really”

Hmm so Victoria is this heartless after she didn’t see me in school for almost 3 weeks now”She don’t even care to check on me to know my where about”

Lets wait till tomorrow when I get to school

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