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Black marriage  - Season 1 - Episode 74
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Andy sighed. His relief was immeasurable.
“Why don’t you take some rest sir, it is almost morning and you have not slept at all” Doctor Bright said with concern.
Andy was stunned and looked at his wristwatch. It was some minutes past five! He never knew! Sleep hadn’t occurred to him once, all he knew was that he had to watch Jessica so that nothing would go unnoticed. “I am fine doctor, and please, call me Andy or Williams”

Doctor Bright smiled, not sure if he would be able to comply with the request even though he was clearly older than Andy. “If you don’t want to sleep, why don’t you just take a walk? I am sure your family wants to know what is happening”

Andy had to admit that the doctor had a point. He looked at Jessica who was sleeping soundly. “I’ll be back baby” He sq££zed her hand and slowly walked out with the doctor following closely behind.


Andy returned to Jessica’s room feeling happy. The joy of everyone had been so palpable and it had rubbed off on him, taking away the remnants of fear left in him. On entering the room, he noticed that Jessica was not there. He had instant headache as he looked round the room. He rushed out of the room and looked at the door to be sure he had entered the right room but it was the correct one. He entered again but did not see Jessica.

“Doctor” He roared and some nurses who were obviously attending to patients came out of some rooms and stared at him in confusion.

“Sir, please, some patients are-”
“Where is my wife” He roared. “I left my wife here some minutes ago and now, she is not there”. Andy felt shaken to the roots.
“Mr. Williams”
Andy turned when he heard the doctor’s voice. “What have you done to my wife? You asked me to go for a walk. I did not want to leave her for a second but now that I have… if anything happens to Jessica”………..

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