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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 16
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Thank goodness you here rotimi. Your wife have been crying since morning ” mama held her close ”
ehn!ehn” hope she is OK sha” he sat down staring at her ”
what wrong with her self. He removed his speck ” are you normal atinuke ”
shut up there “mama fired in anger ” she is not normal, because she has been doing like this yesterday and day before yesterday abi.

One can change now, mama. “he look serious ”

You shouldn’t have prepared food atinuke. This one didn’t deserve it all “mama pointed at ” rotimi
alright. I just go up to change, so we can pet her together “rotimi stood up picking his phone and car key ”
wait. Atinuke stood up hitching her neck ”
what! Do you want to follow me.
No. Don’t go please ”
mama are you sure this woman is not seeing ghost ”
atinuke what happened now. If you can’t talk to me, tell your husband now ” mama look worried
rotimi hiss and climb the stairs ” he came down in some minutes shouting her name name in anger ”
atinuke, atinuke “Yeeeeeeeh.”he rush down boiling in anger
what happened now “mama kept staring at both of them ”
come here, come here ” he came closer to her ” she kept shifting back ”
‘rotimi have patients now. what have she done ”
mama see my award. Sheybi you see, what she have done. I swear she is following you one would beg me ”
he excuse from them looking upset ” atinuke what do you do now, you know how he behave.

Even me his mother. I never messs with his stuff “mama help me beg him o “she kept crying ”

come with me ” mama held her hand and noticed her load outside rotimi door “rotimi kilode gan “what happened self ”
mama no. Am tired, I don’t want her again “OK. No problem “let her sleep tonight . tomorrow I would take her back to village ”
no. “let her sleep with you ”
rotimi Oya open that door “mama fired in anger “he opened the door frowning his face ”
oko MI (my husband) atinuke knelt down holding his leg ” am sorry please.

Take her inside jhor “mama spoke holding the door
mama , ha. Mama”that award worth million.
mabinu oko MI (don’t be annoyed my husband) mama embrace him and turn to leave ”
atinuke carried her load hurriedly inside ” rotimi didn’t say a word and excuse to bath ”
he changed to pyjamas and watch sat down on the floor selecting what to wear ” she excuse to the bathroom and put on short night gown ”
she dusted the bed and lay down facing the wall ” rotimi turn to face the other side ” . …… ….

Rotimi woke up at the middle of the night to urinate he noticed atinuke up hitching her neck ”
are you done. She ask yawning ” no. He spoke and excuse to the bathroom ”
she kept dancing around the room “do fast now Yeeeeeeeh. Hey don’t order me around “he came out of the bathroom looking upset
yes. She rush to the bathroom and urinate fast ” she opened the door and met rotimi on call ”
he kept laughing and smiling ” atinuke brought out her bible reading loudly ” you must not cheat, you must not lie.

Respect your wife and do your duty as a real man ”
are you OK ” rotimi turn to face her “tell me where the verse is, in the Bible “he dragged her head gently inside the Bible ‘
Yeeeeeeeh ” your hand is cold jhor “atinuke kept laughing ‘
idiot ,she is laughing instead of pleading me to stop ”
no. I don’t feel pain easily ”
Waw! You think I would believe that .rotimi let her go looking serious ”
yes . Now ” afusa told me when a man meet his wife “she would be crying and pleading for stop .

but I said I wouldn’t cry. Instead I would be laughing”
you are very stupid. Do you want to kill the man ”
no not a killer ”
wait are you even a virgin “rotimi ask sitting up
” yes now. still ,I won’t cry ” she grabbed the blanket on herself facing the wall and laughing without making a sound ”
crazy woman. She should admit she want sex. She want to trick me ”
no. he peep to see her and lay down facing the other side “but, how is that possible .she won’t m0an or cry doing sex”
this woman must be good on bed .wait. it a lie jhor, she is a virgin “she just imagining Things”he close his eyes forcing a sleep

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