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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 17
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(Sunday morning )

Atinuke got up from the bed yawning “she cut a glance at rotimi sleeping and placing blanket all over his body ”
she noticed the rain and ran to the window In surprise ”
waw! First time I saw rain in lagos “she kept yawning ”
ha! This rain is heavy oo” .She sat down in front of the mirror checking her hair “by this time at the village, I trust myself . I would be in the church, or probably with afusa searching for snail.

And I miss that girl o”she kept talking to herself and noticed the ring on her phone “who know her ” she located her phone and check the caller brother John “she pick staring at her husband and spoke silently

Brother John :good morning. Happy Sunday

Arinuke :same to you sir, long time o” I miss you self. Ever since my mother in law is around, am not bored at all

Brother John :that good to know. I hope you coming for today service” you would be giving the opportunity to sing, because it going to be praise all through.

Atinuke :Yeeeeeeeh “she shouted loudly in excitement ”
are you OK ” rotimi threw pillow at her looking upset “carry your noise like this ” he pointed to the door

Brother John :hope everything is fine. Why did you stop talking

Atinuke :fine. I would be there soon “she hung the call and rush to get her bag ”
he would just get annoyed for no reason. This my husband self ” she carried her bag and sat on the floor to select what to wear ”
Yeeeeeeeh. I haven’t greet mama “she rush out and met her at the kitchen ” mama kept staring at her gown and smiling ”

she was confused And bend her head to see for herself “mama is not like that ” she kept smiling and walking with her back ”
Yeeeeeeeh “she opened the door and sat on the floor ” what must be going on mama head oo”
” She opened her bag and selected nice wrapper and blouse “afusa you make me remember you with this cloth ”
she kept smiling and rush to bath ” she rush out with towel singing ” why would a man be sleeping like woman” she stares at rotimi
how is that your business “rotimi replied her and turned to the wall ”
so you heard. She pick her cloth and walk gently to change ” fine girl, yeeh fine girl” she kept singing and dancing to the mirror ”
she sat down to tye her gele and put some money in her bag for offering ”
wait. If I steal that spray he wouldn’t know ”

yes. She stretched her hand to pick it and use little ” she opened the door without a sound and kept laughing holding her bag ” mama am going to church ” she stood up after greeting ”
pray for me and come back early I would leaving today ”

leave keh. Mama don’t go oo ” if I come back we would talk more “she rush outside holding her wrapper all on her mind was the song she would sang at the church ………..
rotimi came down and met his mum eating at the dinning. He postrated to greet asking of atinuke ”
ha! Ha” didn’t she told you she is going to church ”

whatever! she should suit herself “rotimi stood up to leave
oga where are you going dressed up “mama called him back eating apple
mum , I want to see a friend ”
that doesn’t have name “mama gave him a bad glance and heard the knock on the door ”

who is there ” they both enchoes at the same time ”
come in.. Mama spoke softly ” good morning Ma” gold entered with a little bag ”
morning. mama replied staring at her outfit “rotimi kept staring at her in surprise ”

common baby. I decided to surprise you, since you told me mama is around. gold kept smiling ”
rotimi, who is she ” mama ask looking serious. my… …he couldn’t completed his statement when atinuke walk in singing ”
mama am back ” she cut a glance at gold and
change her look ” my husband ashawo is here ” she dropp her bag laughing ”
oh! you came to greet mama ” she clap her two hands laughing
keep shut and go inside rotimi fired in anger ”
atinuke walk to the room frowning her face ”
rotimi send this woman out, before I say something I might regret ”
mum. Don’t do like that now ”
you don’t have to send me out rotimi ” I know the way out ” gold pick her bag and left crying ”

listen very good. don’t ever come back or go near my son again “ashawo ” mama spoke after her ”
rotimi tried to run after her “Oya go back and sit ‘ mama directed him looking upset ”

this how me and you would be till you , start using your brain ”
mama Kept yelling looking upset ”
see the woman you carry around like cotton bud” that woman must have carry HIV and aid”

so you want to ruin atinuke and your life abi
rotimi excuse upstairs. mama followed him ” mum. He look upset ”

so you think am a baby , you want to go and beat your wife for ashawo ”
no. Not when am here
Atinuke come and tell me everything ” mama dragged her out of the room ”

mama don’t let me talk. village is not good for me “atinuke kept pleading ”

you are not going anywhere. mama I can go please. rotimi would kill me before sending my corpse to the village ”

ha! Rotimi. So you always maltreat her ” rotimi lock the door on himself and kept yelling inside ” don’t enter here again, I don’t want to see you. Enough is enough ” I won’t take this shit anymore

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