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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Open the door jhor bastard ” rotimi spoke horning outside “audu rush to open the gate “he almost crush him with his car and kept yelling ”
idiot, didn’t you know your work “he held himself from falling calling atinuke.
Atinuke, atinuke “where is this witch ” atinuke ” yes “atinuke rush outside with wrapper”
ha! Oko mi(my husband) “he hold him from falling ” take. go and bring my laptop from the car and my phone ” he gave her his car key and throw up in front of the door ”
audu, audu “come and help me open the car ” she kept staring at rotimi “he knock at the door kicking it with his leg
“she grabbed him from falling and held him inside ”

leave me alone. Am not a baby jhor “am i not the one that drove myself home. am not drunk.

I know , I know “atinuke kept nodding in agreement ” don’t you know am a hero, am a fighter ” I drove like this ‘he demonstrated laughing ”
atinuke laugh with him helping him to the stairs ” where is my laptop
is inside “atinuke spoke smiling. OK ” I have 3 laptop . One for me and two for you ” he kept laughing ”
leave me jhor ” I hate when people frustrate me. Go wash your hands before you touch me” you are too dirty
that why like gold. She is very neat ” and good, I can’t just forget her ” he fell on the bed and slept off
“atinuke sat beside him looking sobber ” even when his drunk ” he knew who is neat and dirty
“but am not dirty now ,abi am smelling nii ‘I would start bathing every time and change my cloth ”

let me start now self ” she entered the bathroom and cut a glance at shaving stick ”
iya qudus always use this ” but how self, I haven’t done this ever since am born ” she got Her self nude and sat down to shave ”
waw! It removing the hair .yes “she kept smiling “she took her time to shave it all and took a bath ” she selected a sexy night gown from the one Felicia bought for her and put it on dusting the bed ”

she arrange the pillow at the middle and switch off the light “…………..

Rotimi woke up feeling pain on his neck “he excuse to the bathroom and found everywhere neat ”

he urinate and came out pulling his shirt ” he cut a glance at atinuke, his eyes went straight to her ass.

he hitch his eyes and wide it clearly ” this woman is a devil ” he check the time and sat down staring at her “3:14″

she turned to face him showing her sexy breast ” she turn to face wall again ”
what wrong with her self .

and she has a sexy ass “who shop sexy gown for her “he hiss staring at her ass ”
he noticed his little man up and kept peeping “see her sleeping posture, if I grabbed her now she would start feeling on top of the world as if have been begging her since ”

but she is my wife now .all this things I should be enjoying without paying self”
she is young and full of strength “not like those dirty harlot have been having sex with huge amount of money ”
chai! How am I going to do this ” rotimi, rotimi “see temptation chai “he hit his head and couldn’t stop staring at her ass ”
this style is even OK “I would just get closer to her am very sure she won’t say no.

Someone that has dying for even her husband self ” atinuke turn to face him “he lay down and pretended to be asleep ”
atinuke stood up to urinate and came back to sleep “she grabbed the blanket all over her body ‘

d--n! Rotimi hit the bed gently “wickedness. Witch. She is even smelling nice I guess she use my bathing soap ”
rotimi turn to the other side and kept peeping at her till he fell asleep ****************


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