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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Atinuke is this you”felicial look surprise” it me o.” she came down from the bike smiling ”

where have you been. do you travel “Felicia kept staring at her ”
travel keh .my mother in law just left ,that why you saw me here ”
take the 15 thousand I own you ‘
ha! So you still remember. Thank you o’ just like you knew I need money.
Gist me now. how is your husband and everything ”

I came for that. But first “I want to ask you something. Don’t laugh o ”
i shave and my p---y as been hitching me since then “‘I don’t understand. She look worried

Oh sorry about. it your first time abi ”
yes. If not because rotimi complain about dirty, I won’t have done it.

All you need to do, is to shave all time before it get plenty “and mind you hope you don’t have infection.

No. God forbid ”

you can’t even have self. ” Felicia kept peeling orange

See. aunty Felicia, I want you to advice me ” to be sincere my husband didn’t like me.
It because of those stupid ladies his carrying ‘
he said am dirty. Atinuke look
Ha! Felicia look surprise ”
don’t mind him. First, you need to get your hair done.

Yes. Last time I done my hair “he started eating my food. “atinuke spoke in excitement

Yes. I need to do something more good this time ”

You know what. I would take you to a friend of mine “she sell sexy clothes that get guys crazy . it would put your husband in the mood ”

yes. where, let go now “atinuke stood up in excitement ‘

calm down. You see when you want to serve him Food” you would wear one ” I would also get you one crazy pant ,you would wear under the night gown I would bought for you ”

chai! They no born am well. he would fall
“aunty Felicia thank you. Atinuke look excited
Am not done yet “I would teach you how to make up and s£duce him ”
Oya start now” atinuke felt more excited
atinuke let go and select cloth first ” Felicia stood up holding her hand and stop bike “…….

atinuke got home 5:50 ” she rush to prepare rice and stew and felt excited her husband is not back from work ”

she arrange the kitchen and went up to change throwing her hair down and rehearsing on what Felicia thought her ”
gosh! Rotimi would find it annoying. I trust him
he heard the horn of his car and check her look from the mirror before going out ”
rotimi couldn’t believe his eyes when she came down from the stairs ”
he wouldn’t have believed it was her, if not because she mentioned oko MI ‘
ekabo (she knelt down to greet him smeling nice “she took her shower right on time “her hair reach her waist while she kept smiling

“her makeup look good on her even after bathing ‘I prepared rice and stew ‘
she served him. All he kept doing staring at her ass and breast “you went to see Felicia abi.

How did you know “infact I had fun today ” she took me out oko MI. you can’t believe her boyfriend like me. “rotimi stop eating looking serious ”

She didn’t know self” he collected my number and told me he like me ”
that good. Is this what you wear when you going “rotimi spoke softly married now” I only done make up
“0ko MI. All eyes on me “see toasters, ha! Infact someone pick me up at the bus stop and dropp me home
He kept throwing kiss ”

shut up. And pack this trash you call food “rotimi excuse upstairs in anger ”
what self. shey I shouldn’t tell you nii “atinuke carried the food inside tray and knock at his room ”

he opened the door hissing “oko mi”she knelt down holding his leg ”
leave here jhor “he look upset ”
OK. She stood up and carried her bag gently “rotimi watch her leave and kept staring”
wait o. Wait o” atinuke has grown wing just today mama left ” Yeeeeeeeh. someone has touch her. Yeeeeeeeh “atinuke, atinuke “he rush out of his room calling her *****************************


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