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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 22
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Atinuke, atinuke “he knock at her door and bump in seeing her on call “he clap his two hands laughing”

am I dreaming. What am I even saying self “that Felicia or what do you call her “I don’t want to see you with her again ”
why now. She is my best friend “atinuke spoke softly

shut up. What am I even saying “he snatched her phone looking upset ” atinuke am warning you o, he cut a glance at what she is putting on and stop talking”
atinuke what is this. Felicia bought you this abi”

no. You gave me money now, do you forget “atinuke fold her hands looking sad ”
ehn! I remember. he noticed the ring on his phone and check the caller “clinch”
I, rotimi. Am off my period almost close to your house ‘he hiss and stares at her atinuke.

So that Felicia as started opening your eyes ‘no. But , she introduced me to her friends that all ”

I don’t want to see you and her together .do you understand me “he spoke raising his voice
“pick your call now “atinuke frown her face ”

I would.not now “atinuke did anyone touch you “he ask looking serious.
Atinuke didn’t answer ”
atinuke you have started cheating abi. Atinuke, atinuke ”
I didn’t do anything now ‘ atinuke lay down and grabbed the blanket on her body ”
rotimi get out of her room looking upset and talking to himself
“atinuke slept seeing me standing. She has changed I know. Atinuke meet with a guy today no doubt ‘

ha! And she didn’t talk. how am I going to know now”he switch off his phone and lay down to sleep “atinuke. Atinuke, ha!no……….

(beautiful Wednesday)
rotimi came down and met atinuke at the sitting room watching TV ” he noticed the food on the table and watch her kept laughing ”

she notice him and greeted kneeling “she continued with the TV she was watching laughing like ever before ”
she was on bum short and sexy blouse ” oko MI are you not eating “rotimi dropp money on the table and left without saying a word
“atinuke pick it up smiling ” rotimi is angry .i know ” atinuke why didn’t you keep up “fine .the guy toast you, must you tell your husband ”

she counted the money laughing ‘God would bless you for me rotimi ” I would send this to my mother. Am very sure she would be happy “she rush upstairs in excitement

(Rotimi pov)

rotimi gave audu strict warning before driving out “he stop at madam Hannah’s shop and met Felicia on call ” he came down from the car looking annoyed ‘
Felicia was surprised seeing him and stood up dusting the chair for him to sit
good morning.”she spoke softly
What so good about the morning ehn! See I came to warn you to stay away from my wife .do you hear me or not “stay away from he.
, stop teaching her something disgusting and indecent “he fired in anger
rotimi it OK. Why are you shouting on me “so your own can pain you ” Felicia kept laughing “you can sleep with other women outside and date every woman that comes your way but you don’t want your wife to upgrade.

You want to keep her inside, I don’t even know what she likes in you” womanizer.

Thank you very much ” atinuke is different from you now. Abi you want me to tell her have slept with aunty Felicia she sees as mentor ”

Felicia stop talking and sat down in shame. Am warning you Felicia. Stay away from my wife .if you are not careful I would arrest you ”

under waiting now. “Felicia stood up and watch him turn to leave

Have said my own ” he entered his car and drove roughly out of her sight ”
selfish fellow .idiot “after F-----g all the lady in this area ,he went to marry young girl that didn’t know anything ”
if I didn’t upgrade her. someone else who do ” Felicia kept yelling in anger and watching if anyone is staring

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