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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Alani kilode (what happened) look at your beard .you have grown big ‘ rotimi sat down drinking ? ”
ha! You think village is easy.because you are in Lagos enjoying “alani sat down dropping his bag ”
atinuke” rotimi called her loudly and watch her came out looking surprise “oh! You back. She smile carrying his bag ”
waw! Atinuke you have changed o ‘alani stood up smiling “infact. I find it hard to recongnize you ”
thank you ” she carried his bag to the visitor room looking annoyed “atinuke you have changed o. if he expected me to be the same “she heard her name and rush downstairs ”
yes. She almost fell from the stairs squeezing her face “are you busy. Rotimi stares at her
“yes. She replied hitching her neck. Sorry ” go and serve alani, he must be so hungry ”
yes o. Very “add lot of soup if it amala.but assume it pounded yam “add little egusi, I don’t like egusi ”
brother alani. It is yam and egg ” atinuke force a smile ”
ha! I won’t eat o. Prepare amala please ”
atinuke look upset staring at her husband “atinuke do as he please” rotimi spoke softly
she prepared amala and do little egusi soup ” she set the table and ushered him to sit forcing a smile ”
hope you didn’t need anything. She ask smiling “no. Not at all “seeing you here, it all my happiness “alani spoke touching her hand
atinuke stares at her husband and noticed his busy drinking and laughing at the program on TV ” alani, it best you stop. I don’t want misunderstanding between you and rotimi ”

she excuse upstairs without another word “what wrong with her. You going no where, Me and you in this house ehn! You would accept last,last” alani rinse his hand to eat…………

(Later in the night)

Rotimi watch her came out of the bathroom cleaning her body “she change to something attractive and dust the bed to sleep without a word ”
rotimi kept staring at her ” atinuke is not the silent type. What wrong with her ” or she is tired because, she has been busy” rotimi kept talking to himself
he kept staring at her and watch her kept turning around “are you OK. Rotimi spoke softly ”
ehn! Am only tired “my whole body hurt” she stares at him feeling weak ”
rotimi stood up and remove some medicine from the draw ” take this you would be fine.
Thank you oko MI ” she sit up and took it smiling ” she lay down closing her eyes ”
rotimi kept staring at her ” atinuke, arinuke “am still looking for where to start on you” but you scaring me.

I haven’t tush you ,guys are dying for you ” hope they won’t open your eyes and turn your back at Me.

No, I won’t take it ” I have to find a way to lay with her ” he tried to touch her and control himself “no. She is weak ” I can’t be heartless.

she turned gently shifting the pillow from the middle ” her ass close to his little man ” he noticed it up dragging it down ”
he stood up to drink water and return to bed staring at her “atinuke, atinuke ” he kept calling her name and noticed the ring on his phone

blessing : Aw fa now rotimi. Longest time

rotimi :blessing, Aw things

blessing:everything dey cool ” why I no see you for club .wetin happen now

rotimi : nothing. I just don’t feel like

blessing:abi you done Marry nii. o boy kan enjoy, girls plenty

rotimi : goodnight. “he hung the call
He close his eyes and grabbed the blanket close sleeping**************

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