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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 32
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(Beautiful Saturday morning)

The ring on rotimi phone got him and atinuke up from bed ” tinuke check beside you, I can’t find my phone here ”
she sit up and found it at the middle of pillow” oko MI. She hand it to me and stood up to urinate “uncle deyo ”

Uncle deyo :rotimi Karo (good morning )
Rotimi “Ekaro sir (good morning sir)
Uncle deyo :rotimi please, alani call from the police station you got him arrested, please show some mercy.remember you are family

Rotimi :uncle, am very sorry I don’t think that would be possible “by Monday he would be charge to court

Uncle deyo :ha! Mogbe. Rotimi please ”

Rotimi :is like he doesn’t told you what he done ” rotimi sit up raising his voice ” that animal you called son, try to rape my wife two times. My own wife uncle alani.uncle can you take that shit.”he shouted loudly

Listen uncle. If they didn’t take him to court I would borrow gun from the police shoot him and myself ”

Uncle deyo : ha! Is it up to that .

Rotimi :more than that uncle deyo ” so what boss like, an intruder and bastard also wish to have ” no doubt alani will rot in jail

uncle deyo : please. Now ” your mama chase me away like dog when she heard

Rotimi :so you thought ,what crazy son done, it a minor thing ” he almost raped by wife two good times “alani tore her cloth and raise her gown up “Yeeeeeeeh ”
if you see how he kept dragging my wife leg as if she likes those bitches he has been F-----g “no. I wouldn’t hear o”

Uncle deyo : I would be at Lagos today, be expecting me “he hung up the call ” you better don’t waste your transport money ”
I can spent my last income on this case “I never rape anyone, what gut does he has on my wife” he would regret it o. No. He would
“atinuke was speechless staring at him and watch him stood up heading to the sitting room

” alani, I told you the God am serving would expose you “if you are the first person to go jail in ayetoro village, it not a big deal “she kept laughing and stood up to peep at what her husband was doing ”
drink on empty stomach “rotimi want to wound himself “she rush down from the stairs ” oko MI. Atinuke knelt down holding his leg ”

why would you be drinking on empty stomach now. you would be feeling the pain, why he would be at the station waiting for his bail.

Rotimi dropp the cup in his hand “and it is true o” I would keep it for another time ”
very good oko MI “she turned to leave
wait atinuke. Is this how alani use to behave at the village ” rotimi look serious
oh! That one. It was God that destiny I won’t get married or have baby for him ”
this is the 6 times he has been trying to rape

And mind you 8 boys also try to done it, but it doesn’t work out and it would never happen.
because if this waist chain am wearing is on me “no man would be able to sleep with me against my wish “his man hood wouldn’t not rise”
am only shouting because I don’t want him to see me naked “because i made promise to God that, only my husband would see Me naked ”
this is serious. Rotimi sat down opening his mouth ”
oko MI .i would be right back, I want to find you something to eat it morning already ” she rush upstairs to change hurriedly ”
chai! So lord you didn’t judge me with my mistakes so far . you decided to bless me with wife not Wi-Fi connection “Yeeeeeeeh ” this lady is a perfect match ”
but wait. how would I tell her to take off the waist chain”it high time something must be done ” he stood up and watch her came down from the stairs with bum short ”
rotimi am sorry, I took much time while bathing ” it OK. He excuse upstairs and kept thinking about the waist chain……..

oko MI how is the food “atinuke ask bringing him from his thoughts “ehn! He hitch his eyes open it widely ”

when would you remove the waist chain. he finally spoke ”
ehn! ehn”oko MI ” I think I should move to the the visitor room “why. Rotimi look serious ”

the room is empty and I thought you needed to be alone “rotimi was speechless ” atinuke you want to start your revenge on me abi.he spoke in his mind hitching his head ”
oko MI. aunty Felicia once told me, when a woman is on her period her husband always run from her “why?

She even said he won’t eat the main food “what is main Food oko MI. is it different from the rest.

yes “he nodded in agreement drinking water ”
it must be sweet o “she ask smiling and waiting for reply “very. rotimi stares at her ”

oko MI teach me how to prepare it now , l learnt woman didn’t like giving there husband main food when they are on their period.

I want to give you all the food so you would be OK and won’t be hungry ”
really! rotimi look excited. yes. I would not run from main food, like other woman ” aunty Felicia said woman need to run ”
don’t mind that one jhor “rotimi look upset ”

ehn! Ehn oko MI “tell me the ingredient and teach me please ”

atinuke am not a woman now, go and ask someone else ”
who oko MI “she watch him stood up and excuse to the bedroom ” I think aunty Felicia is right. Rotimi is also running from main food ” but wait. who should I ask “she sat down thinking “all her mind is on main food


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