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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 34
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Oko MI you are not going anywhere today nii ‘”atinuke sat down checking the mirror ‘yes .Uncle deyo said he would be here soon ” he kept pressing his laptop ”
“ehn!ehn” oko MI “atinuke turn to face him looking serious ” come and take me to facebook.aunty Felicia said she is there and plenty people ”

facebook. Rotimi kept laughing “I should take you to facebook “bring your phone “he ask stretching his hand
she hand him gently” he glanced at her wallpaper and bursted to laughter “who snap you .he kept laughing ”

audu. do you like it. “she spoke smiling “He even said they won’t be able steal my phone
that my picture would start shouting theif,thief” when they take it ”

audu told you all this “He kept checking her pictures and laughing ” this hairstyle look good on you ” he smile ”

atinuke stares at him smiling “thank you oko MI. Oko MI, help me sent it to facebook now ” he would like it ”

no. Facebook is not good at all “kidnapper, thief and Ritualist are there ”
yeeeh” she placed her hand on her head looking sacred ” OKo MI thank you. No wonder aunty Felicia send me away, that my husband would arrest her “so that facebook his a wicked man ”

very wicked o. Don’t even collect it or let anyone take you “ose oko MI (she knelt down praying for him)

oko MI. Are you hungry ” she ask staring at him

he stares at her closing his laptop “main food or which one .

Ha! Oko MI, you want main Food” teach me now I would prepared for you right now ” she felt excited ”

come ” he shifted his laptop at the other side of the bed “atinuke heard the knock on the door and get up to open ”
uncle deyo. She knelt down to greet ” where is your husband ” he ask pepping ”
oko mi, uncle deyo ” she closed the door gently ” he get up to change and ordered atinuke to change ‘
he rush out and met uncle deyo at the sitting room “he postrated frowning his face ”
ha! Rotimi. Why are you acting like this ” please now. His my only child ”
uncle , no. So assume he succeded you would talk to me this way, abi. No rotimi. Thank God he doesn’t happen .

Rotimi farabale(calm down) why do you want to turn your family down because of a woman that haven’t given you child. ”
rotimi, that lady as bad leg. assuming she is fruitful she should be pregnant by now.

Atinuke came in ,he stop talking and sat down giving her bad glance ” sir, what would you like to eat “amala and egusi “he spoke frowning his face
she excuse to prepare it ” uncle please and please ” don’t change the matter” he excuse out of his sight “rotimi, rotimi, “uncle deyo kept calling his name…………..

oko MI, oko MI, ” what atinuke. Don’t disturb me, I stay at home to relax not anything else ” he turned to the wall sleeping
oko MI. Uncle deyo his still sitting at sitting room ”

ehn! I know. If his tired he would leave ”
please talk to him now, let not cause problem for ourself oko MI ”

atinuke, atinuke “leave me alone and go out there to discuss with him if you like
If you don’t want me transfer the anger on you”leave this room ”
hmmm “you have problem again. What is it this time ” she look serious
ehn! He sit up staring at her “my only problem is” why uncle deyo hate you .

Me, what have done “she look worried ”
I don’t know even know, why he hated you so much ”

I hate him too . I shouldn’t have cook for himself ” oko MI ” she sat In front of him staring at him ”

when are you going to take me out now ”
out. To do what?

To enjoy now” aunty Felicia said am not expose ”

rotimi hiss frowning his face “as if she is expose. Rubbish ”
oko MI she is expose o”she can drink very well.

So you cannot drink “rotimi look serious ” I can drink now ” malt and mineral ” rotimi bursted laughter ”

atinuke would kill me in this house o”God forbid am not a murderer ” atinuke rejected demonstrating

come self ” when are you loosing your waist chain “rotimi dragg her back ”
she bursted to laughter “ha! Oko MI ” you want to see it abi, am coming ”

uncle deyo might add something inside the soup. I don’t trust him ” she rush out smiling ”

she said she is coming . atinuke is coming ” he felt excited and change his look” how would I enjoy it self when she is in experience” he frowned his face


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