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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Come here jare “where is your husband “uncle deyo look angry ” my husband, ehn! His inside “she carried her soup from the cooker and kept it safely ”
atinuke, abi is not you am talking to nii “sir what wrong now. Atinuke look upset ” I have nothing to say to you ” village girl.
Thank you sir ” she knelt down and turn to leave upstairs “tinuke ,tinuke”go and call your husband to release my son, I won’t leave here without my son o. He kept shouting “ha! Ha” uncle deyo. Rotimi is sleeping now, you would wake him ”
abi you mad nii “uncle deyo tried to slap her “she moved from him giving him bad glance from distance ” see this one that use to be little you have gut to open your sticking mouth to talk to me ”

rotimi, rotimi “he climbed the stairs and almost fell ” atinuke kept laughing gently ” let me help you to open the door “she peep at his back ”

he forced the door to open and met him on call laughing “he hung up looking upset “uncle, you can’t just bumped into my room ” rotimi fired in anger ”
OK come outside ,let talk ” he lead the way out and waited patiently for him to join him ” he frowned his face climbing the stairs”
rotimi this case or another one. Even if your wife is gold ” at least you would still forgive, please now” he almost postrated ”
ha! Uncle don’t prostrate o”what exactly are you begging me for self “he look away
I want you to get alani out and accept him back at your working place “rotimi bursted to laughter ” you know it not possible.

Not this house or my company “ha! Rotimi please. No uncle. Even if I want to bail him “not today
on Monday,and I will make sure he entered village bus in front of me “rotimi raise his voice
rotimi don’t do like that now “uncle deyo look sobber

uncle go and sleep inside “by tomorrow you should leave” I promise alani would meet you at the village on Monday ”

good night .he left without another word “atinuke ran after him…….

(Uncle deyo pov)

He placed his hand on his cheek thinking ” I told you alani. Take your eyes off atinuke ,he won’t ear”she has sexy ass and pointed Breast.

She has a beautiful future, and young of age . You see what you have cause now “he kept thinking “and noticed atinuke down laughing and smiling ”

she prepared tea and sat down to drink crossing her leg ” she kept singing and dancing while drinking tea ” my enemy listen very good. You won’t die o, my sucesss you would surely witness it.

Who are you referring to “uncle deyo turn to face her ” ha! Ha” so I can sing again nii.
I can’t blame you, rotimi has placed you in the post to insult us barren woman ”

she spit her tea out laughing “barren keh. Oh my God. Am just wondering how I would sit when am carrying my child ”
I would place my leg like this and do lot of Shakara with my car, when I come to the village . I would park like this “she kept demonstrating and cat walking ”

uncle deyo open his mouth watching her ” in your dream barren woman. It all because of you my son is inside cell, your juju would soon expire “rotimi would carry your load outside” uncle deyo fired at her ”
she kept laughing “she heard her name and rush upstairs “***************

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