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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 37
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Oko MI take cake now ” she spoke softly ” sister tinuke your attention is needed ” she rush to the stage smiling ”
see my beautiful sister over here, is going to be by borrow wife because am single ” they all bursted to laughter ”
first ,of first we appreciate her efforts and support for this program to come up.
She call all time and never hesitate to give “God bless you.
She is very humble. if not because she is married I would have snatch her ” atinuke kept laughing ”
all eyes on her ” now let raise her cup up “rotimi didn’t stood up boiling in anger ” toast your partner and peek him /her” mc turn to face atinuke and discovered she is gone ”
oko MI Oya now, everyone is doing their own “go and meet your yeye mc now.”rotimi spoke looking upset ”

Am sorry jhor ” she look sobber ” he toast with her and tried to peek her “her name was called she ran to the stage ”
sister atinuke wore the best dress and the guy over there “he pointed to rotimi ”
his my husband “atinuke spoke smiling “waw! No one would believe you married. I was joking earlier,I never knew it was true.

Rotimi manage to come to the front ” here is the best couple for today “they won little gas cooker ”
all eyes on her as she walked to join her husband to sit ” they end the program with music and dance ”
everyone kept talking about atinuke and rotimi “no one would believe she is married.she look young and Her husband is cute and wealthy

she is not proud. She is simple” lot of people with their opinion “rotimi opened the car for her to come in, while she carried her gas cooker at the back sit removing her hat ”
sister atinuke “she noticed the mc running towards the car ” rotimi drove away and almost hit him with his car ”
atinuke look annoyed ” oko MI may be he want to tell me something “rotimi didn’t say a word
“do you like the program “she ask smiling
no. It boring “he replied driving fast ”
he got home and help her with the cooker loosing his button “he noticed the ring on his phone “Samson ”

Am close to your house, no excuse this time ” rotimi stares at his phone and ordered atinuke to go up and change…….

Atinuke if your husband don’t tell you about me, I came personally to introduce myself ” am Samson chukudi. Your husband best friend
“good evening sir “she knelt down smiling ” just the way he described you “no different. Thank you ” she kept smiling ”

atinuke don’t mind this one jare ” omo igbo oshi ” he kept pressing his phone
excellent cooker. Thank you sir “she kept smiling
tinuke go upstairs am coming “rotimi gave her his charger “she left smiling.

Rotimi Waka ” guy you stingy die, you no even allowed the girl greet me well.

Ogini Samson ” you don’t have wife nii ”
ha! Rotimi. So you fit change, chai! No one is above God handcuff ”

Samson don’t come here to abuse me o” he stood up and brought wine from his bar ”
you and this yeye ?
ehn! Ehn ” Bella and gold report you o” guy truly, you no date them again nii”Samson look serious ”
oga leave me jare, Wetin dey my head pass that one ”
atinuke abi .”he sipped his wine “whatever! Atinuke came down with bum short and entered the kitchen to get the remaining rice from the pot ”
she carried it inside tray and climbed the stairs gently smiling ” rotimi covered Samson eyes and refuse to remove his hand ”

Ole , Ole “kan dey go Abeg ”
am going oga “chai! Guy you carry original product, I envy you. Thank you ” rotimi ushered him out and lock the door dragging the cotton down ”

atinuke, atinuke ” he opened the door and couldn’t close it from what he saw


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