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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 40
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Rotimi entered the house and saw atinuke sitting on sofa folding her arms,looking sobber. She kept talking to herself ”
who beat you “she was shock seeing rotimi at her back and held her chest in relief ”
they no born them well. I would kill the three of them with my hand “she demonstrated looking upset ”

who do you want to beat “he look confused. Oko MI, I don’t even want to talk to you, am angry ”

what wrong now ” he sat down staring at her

“what even pain me most they are abusing me with English. small English, because I don’t want to speak ”

rotimi held his laughter. “atinuke are you going to answer my question or keep yelling ”

she kept quiet and look away hissing ” rotimi stood up from her and excuse to the stairs ”
if not because of my husband that put me in their hand” they won’ t be calling me bush girl

“who call you bush girl “rotimi came down looking serious ” she fold her hand looking upset ”

atinuke will you open your mouth and talk “he fired in anger “she became sacred and shifted to the door ”
atinuke, are you OK. You can’t talk ‘he came closer to her, she kept shifting back ”
who call you bush girl “yetude . And two pakeree ” she let it out almost in tears
pakeree. He look confused ” oko MI dey abuse MI and almost beat me, they said am a maid that you can’t marry village girl ”
you mean yetude said all this to you”rotimi look upset

Wait, oko MI. Do you know them ” she look serious “that not important for now, so yetude has the gut to insult my wife ” he frowned his face looking upset ”

atinuke brought out a smile staring at the floor and blushing ” atinuke. He touch her shoulder gently and sit her down ”
don’t mind them, they are just jealous because you are pretty than everyone Of them “she nodded in agreement smiling ”
oko MI .leave all this crazy woman and face MI now, see. I would do anything you want ,from now henceforth ”
he cleared his voice smiling ” everything. He ask looking serious ”
yes everything. I would do my responsibility as a good wife “she stares at him looking sobber ”
so, what about on bed “rotimi ask staring at her “she look away hitching her neck ” I would try oko MI “she turn to face him holding his hand ”
you mean you would give me doggy style, blow job and all the sex styles I needed ”
dog. Aja ” ha! Oko MI am not dog now “she knelt down pleading “rotimi bursted to laughter

” that not what I mean . stand up jhor ” what I meant is , it a sex style. Oh! I don’t know” she stood up gently
oko MI let me set the table .I prepared porridge ” she get up smiling ‘and lead the way to the table ”

rotimi rested his back peeping at her “she is too fast, she is after food not main food “he kept hissing ” but I know she would learn fast atinuke would be good ”

I know. I don’t need to be told.”he stood up to join her……… ….

(later at the bedroom)
atinuke join him on bed while he kept pressing his laptop and drinking ”
oko MI. Yes “he answered dropping his cup ” what exactly do you like in woman ”
he coughed out holding his chest ” why are you asking “he filed up his cup ”
because I want to be doing it, I don’t like the way people kept talking about my husband “it makes them find it hard to believe am your wife “atinuke look ?
atinuke don’t mind them they are beva’s jhor ” he kept pressing his laptop
oko MI talk now ” atinuke stares at him touching his shoulder ”
sex. “he finally admitted ” I love sex and woman with sexy ass it good for d----e ” he kept pressing his laptop ”
atinuke was speechless staring at him ” she couldn’t say a word “any other question he stares at her ”

no. that all ” ehn! Ehn what do you hate ” she turned to face him
seeing my wife with someone else and when am refuse of my right ”
atinuke couldn’t close his mouth and dusted the bed facing the wall ” atinuke we are going to party on Saturday . you said I should take you out ”

really! She sit up looking excited ” oko MI thank you “what are they doing? She stares at him ”

one of my ex-girlfriend invited me to her wedding ” atinuke change her look ” did they take cloth ”
yes. I bought 6 yard ” she only took for female, guys should put on white and red cap ” Caro like fashion ehn! He kept laughing
“atinuke gave him bad glance hissing gently ” is your friend is going.
yes now , even his wife and kid ” she knew Samson really well, iwould have got married to her ” but she was too jealous ”
that girl can complain oh! my world.

chai! But she is beautiful and good on bed “he empty his cup
goodnight ”

atinuke dragg the blanket on her whole body and turn to the wall to sleep **********************************

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