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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 42
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Who are you calling “rotimi snatched the phone from her hand at the back “my boyfriend now ,seems you going to meet your lovers ”

brother John abi. He kept staring at the phone
‘whoever self .i need someone that would be taking me out, and buying me lot of things “not like my husband that would be locking me at home and having fun with ladies that would soon die ”
he hand her phone and kept staring at her “atinuke are you for real. He look serious ”
you want to cheat on me abi ,with those yeye guy that I can feed 10 times a day ” he spoke softly
who care about money now, abi attention and love “see o, as for me atinuke.

Even if you don’t give me food money but you show me love and attention instead “am OK with it.

See brother John now. “she look serious ”
Hey don’t compare me with that idiot o”he look upset ”
oko MI his wife would enjoy him ” his very caring baje ”
so am not caring “he sat down beside her. She was speechless “so you want to pack and meet him abi “atinuke didn’t say anything folding her arms ”

Oya am sorry, am not going again. He touch her shoulder “she look away looking upset ”

sorry now atinuke. My wife mabinu (don’t be annoyed ” she didn’t smile ” iyawo MI, atinuke “I would kiss you o”he touch her cheek gently ”

I would do it o” he tried to kiss her “she bursted to laughter “oko MI I would faint oo”she kept laughing while he was busying kissing her neck ”

he kiss her down to the he sofa ” he noticed the ring on his phone and stop to pick it ‘atinuke change her look ” see “it Samson ok. “rotimi showed her ”
She felt relief smiling

Samson : omo Yoruba ” match go soon start

o rotimi: “I don’t know if I would come o.

Samson :why?

He turned to face atinuke ” she gave him sign to go ” madam said I should go oo”am coming ”

Samson :woman wrapper “he hung up the call
Atinuke I would come back early to continue our unfinished business ” he kiss her briefly and went out “………..

atinuke stares at him till he was out of sight and adjusted her cloth ” rotimi, you would change by force by fire “she noticed the ring on her phone and pick “afusa”

afusa : Ore MI (my friend)

Atinuke: hy( she spoke in English)

Afusa :ehn! Ehn ” my friend have hear English ”

Atinuke : yes now. in Lagos if you can’t speak English, they would send you away “Kia Kia ”

Afusa : ha! I can’t come niye “see how your voice Cool, money is good o

Atinuke : all thanks to my husband ” ehn! Ehn “I heard you got pregnant?

afusa : she was speechless ” it a long story. But, I would stii give birth and become sisi (lady)
atinuke “what about abeni, our village prostitude.

afusa : that one done born three boys with different father ” ehn! Eh! I called for another thing self ” your mother is very sick o ‘she was the one that said I should call you self

atinuke :Yeeeeeeeh. When, what wrong with her?

afusa : I don’t even know” her husband has left her with your half brother ” she has changed to something else self “come to village o “before it goes worst ”

atinuke : I would. I have something important to do on Saturday “mind you what is the nature of her sickness.

afusa : see this one ” na money sickness. Her husband has left her, she now knew your value after the huge amount of money she collected from your mother in-law for bride price ” that woman need prayer

atinuke :i would come when it convenient “you even sacred me self ” bye bye ” I would see you when I come

afusa : OK. I would keep giving her the one I
atinuke “Hmm ” say that you have been borrowing me money to give her. I would pay back no need to beat around the bush “she hung up thinking ”
this woman. if not because you are my mother I know what I would have done ” I have to go the village, but how would I explain to rotimi”she look ? ******************

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