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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 48
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Month after

(atinuke pov) life in comma***

Likia say something now, I need to leave “she kept crying. To where “he turned to face her boiling In anger ”
my people are so worried about me. my beloved husband “shut up ” Likia shouted louldly”she was very shock and knelt down crying ”
am your husband. Look at our baby in your hand” he pointed to her direction “you can’t leave me, I won’t take it seeing you with someone else ”

Likia please, have mercy. Have suffered enough my ear has almost block from the noise am hearing ”
don’t mind all of them.think about me and our baby” he laughed loudly ”
no. Likia” have been here for month as your beloved wife “I miss my family , I want to go and meet my husband ”
shout up. Am your husband “he look angry
no. You are not. Am married to rotimi ”
that physical “am. Your spiritual husband “he laughed loudly ”
I don’t care, I want to go. She dropp the baby while he kept crying ”
atinuke, atinuke , you can’t go ” human being are wicked, they would keep hurting you ” think about when we have been coming from ”

likia I don’t know you. why are you troubling me “because am your husband. I was born with you, I was there when you are growing and coming up ”

I waited for you to be conceive ” you can’t let my labour to turn to vain ”
Likia let me be going ” lot of voices are calling me ”
no. Today is the day you would finally be mine ” you can let my labour be in vain” I started all this, you can’t go and meet that man ”

liikia his my husband. Shout up ” am your husband, am your only husband “that our baby, we are your only family ”
no. I have a family already “she ran when she can’t withstand the voices calling her ”
nooooooooo” likia disappeared while she opened her eyes seeing lot of people besides her bed ”

she kept staring and tried to speak “no. Atinuke no. She recognized pastor Isaac voice “hallelujah, hallelujah ” only you can do what no man can’t do Jehovah ”
everyone join him to sing including the doctor”

God is great. This is unbelievable ” few minutes to switch off her life machine “God done it.

As from today henceforth “my faith in God increase “hallelujah ” brother John knelt down thanking God ”
they were ushered out while the nurse took care of the remaining treatment “she fell asleep while everyone went home sharing the great news……. ..

(some hours later)

the ward was filled up with lot of people” the doctor couldn’t send them off ”
doctor where is the woman that resurrected ” shout up. She was in comma not dead “an angry church members Fired in anger ”
kelechi and her husband rush in holding two nylon bag”doctor where is atinuke ” she look anxious ”
calm down. She is fine “the nurses are attending to her ,she need lot rest”
thank you baba God “my fasting and prayer didn’t went in Vail. Now I can be free from guiltness” she stood up from where she was kneeling ”

Samson kept making phone calls while lot of people kept discussing among themselves ” it was one month, no three week ” lot argument ”
doctor please help me give this Food to her ” I prepared rice and stew , jollof rice, Indomie and egg “anyone her appetite carry ” kelechi hand the doctor the nylon in her hand
how would she eat my own “Felicia stood up with her own bag ”
listen every one ” I appreciate you all in the place of rotimi ” thanks for your support and prayers” it best you all leave ” the patient are complaining please leave ”
he excuse to his office” Felicia look worried ” and I want to see her before I travel “aunty nurse “help me give her “tell her Felicia ”
she hand her bag and rush out ” kelechi walk to meet her husband carrying Kingsley along ” kelechi take ” he hand her car key ” I need to go to the station “rotimi would be charge to court in the next 30 minute ”

he rush out getting s bike” Felicia sat down looking sobber” chai! see what have done oo ” I thought it over, I never knew it just happened “she stood up crying out ***************

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