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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 51
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She yelled till they arrived home and watch him carried her on his shoulder “‘audu, audu ” are you going to let him kill me.
Show some mercy rotimi “she kept beating him “he dropped her down and rush to the kitchen to get knife ”
atinuke kill me before you leave me, take kill me. “he shouted crying “kill me so all the guiltiness inside of me can go, kill me what are you waiting for ”

she grabbed the ? and raised it up ” I would kill myself rotimi. I would kill myself ”
no. He snatched it from her and pointed it at himself ” I would kill myself, I would. ”
she snatched the knife and pointed it at him “do you think I can’t snabb you, I would do it 100 times and step on your blood ”

but I just can’t leave without you rotimi. I don’t know why am so unfortunate, every guy I love don’t love me back “they end up hurting me “she sat down crying
atinuke I promise you, you won’t feel pain anymore “rotimi held her leg
no. I don’t need you, am going back to where I belong “she excuse upstairs to get her luggage ”

atinuke yeeeh. Have mercy. See I won’t touch you again “please have mercy “he grabbed her leg.

Leave me alone, leave me “she kept crying
no. I can’t, no. I can’t ” he embraced her kissing her neck “please. I want my wife, no other woman I promise you ”

I won’t drink or beat you . I would respect you and make you proud. Everywhere I go, you would be ” I would tush and establish you”

I would give you life time insurance and be there when you needed me ” I would only touch you atinuke.

Only you , would see Me nude ” I would only sleep with you and woke up by your side ”
I promise you with everything that is important In my life “God is my witness tinuke mii “have learnt to accept your in a hard way and I would keep my promise “he knelt down crying and holding her leg ”
she bent down to embrace him ”

I would have another baby for you my husband, I promise never to make you jealous. I won’t make you sad oko MI ”
atinuke “he turned to face her ” you just call me oko mi” I miss you, I swear I miss you “he kiss her neck and embrace her warmly ”
oko MI “she repeated again.

Thank you for forgiving me “he kiss her and tried to make a move ”
no. OK. “she fried herself gently
I understand “am so sorry ” rotimi kept apologizing
it OK ” but am hungry “atinuke sat down on the stair ”

what would you like to eat” rotimi spoke in haste ”
hmmmm. I need food to make my husband happy “.main food ” she spoke smiling
main what! He look surprised ” she nodded in agreement ”

I swear am also hungry “he carried her like wedded bride and kept kissing her to the room……….

Rotimi, rotimi “he heard his name and came down from her breathing heavily “he bursted to laughter staring at atinuke ”
they kept laughing while he sit up “Samson must be thinking the worst ”
go, oko MI . He must be so worried ”
yh! I would be back “he pick up his short and put it on hurriedly “I would be back “he kiss her briefly and rush to put on his bathrobe ”

he rush down and was surprised seeing brother John, doctor Paul, Samson and lawyer duro “he brought out a smile and sat down laughing ”

what going on ” rotimi where is atinuke ” Mr man you better speak up before I called the ? ” brother John fired in anger ”
well, he excuse to the bar and brought two unalcohloic wine “one alcoholic wine ”
no. I promise my wife not to drink aymore”
they kept staring at him in surprise ” he gave them cup one after the other and filled their cup ”
shares. He toast with them one after the other drinking first ”
rotimi take us from dark, and explain things please “lawyer duro look worried ”
guy what going on. why are you reacting this way ” Samson held his shoulder ” atinuke came down with simple gown, and was surprised seeing them ”
atinuke come ” he hand her cup and toast with her ” thank you everyone for your support and interferance ”

I appreciate you “you are Just like a family to me, thank you for standing with me and your love towards me and my wife ”
I appreciate you, thanks “he cleaned his tears “atinuke hold him close “brother John kept staring and sat down first .
well , I think I should go first ” I have lot of patient to attend to “doctor Paul empty his cup and stood up to leave ”

Samson cleared his voice and stood up patting rotimi shoulder ” guy am going , take care of yourself ”
lawyer duro joined him while brother John” sit up staring at rotimi ”
I know you must seeing as a bad person “but I want you to know am only doing all this for atinuke safety”
brother John “atinuke spoke softly “no. Let him talk ” rotimi look serious ”
my blood sister is a victim of domestic violence “she lost her life because I was so busy to pay her attention ”
I hold her on dying bed, she was so cold and full of bruises “she gave up the ghost staring at me ”

I couldn’t take it seeing anyone as victim “am sorry ” he cleaned his eyes and stood up to leave ”
John. Rotimi called him back embracing him “am so sorry for your lost ” thank you. I appreciate you for making me learn in a hard way ”
it OK. ” rotimi watch him leave and embrace his wife warmly ”
oko MI I hope your mind is free from brother John “ehn! he couldn’t free her and kept embracing her to the room ” atinuke, atinuke, atinuke “he kept singing and placing his head on her chest embracing her inside the room **************

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