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Brought from the village - Season 1 - Episode 55
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(Beautiful Saturday)

Atinuke wake up it morning “rotimi came down from the car stretching his hand and cut a glance at pastor Isaac and brother John discussing outside”
morning sir. he stretched to greet “morning. I never knew you still around, he stares at him and the car in surprise ”
Yh! We be going soon.
Alright, take care of yourself and learn how to control your anger ”
I hope to see you on Sunday.for the Thanksgiving ”
sure I would come. He turn to leave smiling ”
God is great “pastor Isaac stares at the sky “sister atinuke his changing him for real “brother John spoke and stares at the car till it went out off sight…..

Oko MI you just sleeping, you are not use to vigil. He hiss hitching his eyes “my two eyes has blocked self ”
I only came because of you “I know your church members like gossiping, I don’t want them to get you angry ”
oko it is true ” if you see the way they were staring at us. I kept praying for the vigil to end “she rested her back staring at the main road ”

don’t mind them jare. Jealous, jealous ” atinuke am so tired to be sincere “he yawn loudly ”
don’t worry, I would prepared something good when we get home “atinuke massage his shoulder
I trust you. He concentrated on his driving smiling “oko MI let branch the market to buy soup stuff ”
OK madam. He stop at the market and park at a convenient place “he put on his speck holding atinuke from the slippery road ”
they stop to buy peeper “atinuke price and price “he got angry and dragged her away “he cut a glance at another spot and pay before she started pricing ”

oko MI you are not a woman, let me deal with it “she lead the way and bought more stuff ”
all eyes on them “a woman mistake them for brother and sister ” rotimi kept laughing ” iyawo MI (my wife)
ha! You people are Young o” thank you Ma”atinuke excuse smiling ”
to be sincere . my wife is very young but mighty ” they both bursted to laughter ”
he grabbed her waist peeking her to buy vegetable ” oko Ati iyawo “the woman kept dancing and singing “thank you Ma. They both enchoes at the same time laughing
rotimi”he heard his name and turn back “oreoluwa” he embraced her warmly in excitement ”
atinuke meet my old school mate ” Oreoluwa” we finished at the same university ”

good morning ma. She greeted smiling
Morning “Ore replied staring at her
Ore. My beloved wife “(atinuke) he grabbed her close kissing her forehead ”
waw! So young and beautiful ”
thank you “rotimi spoke smiling
anyway, here is my card. we can chat later excuse me ”
alright bye. Rotimi wave smiling “oko MI you slept with her abi ” atinuke ask looking serious
he bursted to laughter ” I know you would ask. Yes. Only once ”

she nodd her head walking at the front ” wait jhor. Am sorry OK, it in the past “he grabbed her waist close to buy fish ”
no wonder she don’t look fine. oko MI “she might be dissapointed “atinuke look sad ”
hey. Sharap jhor ” he bursted to laughter “it not funny “atinuke walk away from him ”

he carried her like wedded couple kissing her “oko MI. we are at the market “it permitted with my wife, not someone else’s property ”
put me down. she kept laughing “alright. He does as she said ”

All eyes on them while lot of women kept praying for their union for their son&daughter ”
he helped her with the bags holding her close ” he greeted his customers before leaving ” rotimi another woman fa ” he brought out a smile ”
my wife aboki. No woman again “full stop for this one OK ”
yawa! he opened his mouth praising Allah and watch him left smiling………….

(atinuke pov)

she got home and watch her husband pulled his cardigan yawning to the room “he dropped his stuff on the table ‘
rotimi had sex with that woman .seeing her look. she is not happy, his married ” I need to hide that card, she gave him earlier ‘
she located it and hide it under the fridge “harlot. that where you would be ” she noticed the ring on his phone and peep to see ” unknown ”

who else ,if it not woman ” he has leave them .but they won’t leave him ”
She sat down thinking “rotimi rush down with towel” and pick his phone hurriedly ” OK. am coming ”
he hung up smiling ” atinuke today is Kingsly birthday “we going OK. He peek her and rush upstairs in excitement ”

she sat down holding her tummy ” I would also have my baby ” this month would prove my suscpious right ” I would have my baby
“atinuke. yes ” she clean up her tears and managed to smile” she got to the room and fell on rotimi arms ”

guess what. clinch found you a teacher ” she would be at my office on Monday ‘so on Tuesday “my dear” you gonna start schooling

“oko MI “she felt excited like ever before “and embrace him warmly “*******************

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