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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Season 1 - Episode 56
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Cynthia stirred at Gallant as she laughed and left her there.

Cynthia: Hmm, you don’t know what is coming your way girl
She said to her self before she left that spot also.

Cynthia went round the School seeking support from Lecturers that can support them in the creation of Anti-Cult in the school.

Few Days Later
Gallant asked 3 Senior Lecturers to support Cynthia and her friends.

Cynthia was shocked to see the Lecturers that called her and told her that they have supported her.

She was still looking for 2 more Senior Lecturers when The Angels sent another 3 more Lecturers to support them.

They all went to the Vice Chancellor and he approved of the Anti-Cult group to start up their Activities in the school.

Cynthia came back and broke the news to her friends and they were happy but Cynthia cut the Happiness short.

Cynthia: No need to rejoice yet cause this Anti-Cult of a thing is not easy and you know, all the cult in this group are now aware and they will be targeting us.

Tracy: Your right, we have to come up with a plan.

Mary: First, We should not stay here in this mixed hostel cause is now dangerous for us

Cynthia: Yes the Vice Chancellor has signed for us to occupy the Hostel that is made for the Anti-Cult group.

Alice: Should we take that Horrible Hostel?

Monica: Babe, You too the fear haba

Alice: Just being security Conscious.

Jane: So what should we do now?

Cynthia: We should occupy the hostel and then be on Guild.

Tracy: That’s good, So we need a new medium of Communication that will unable us communicate with each other easily.

Blessing: I have an Idea, We should buy all this tiny ear-pot, is very little, we can wear it like an Ear-ring without being noticed much.

Tracy: Wow, Does it have a tracker?

Blessing: I don’t know about that but will find out soon.

Alice: I guess I buy that idea of getting that ear-pot.

Monica: Same with me, cause it can help us alot.

Cynthia: Tomorrow Morning we will go and check on it, mean while Tracy and I will go round the Anti-Cult Hostel and survey the place for a while.

They all agreed before Cynthia and Tracy went over to the Anti-Cult Hostel, They started moving round the Hostel checking it out, They unlocked it through the keys that was given to them, they went inside and saw that everything is intact both Beds, Tv Sets, Dstv Decoders, the bath room and kitchen, that everything is in place. They went back to their hostel.


The Carpon called Thunder into his chamber.

Thunder: Boss you called me

Carpon: Yes, Sit down lets talk

Thunder sat down while the Carpon dropped his phone.

Carpon: Are you aware that a new Anti-cult is now in this school?

Thunder: Yes boss

Carpon: And I got to know is lead by Cynthia that girl you were trying to have

Thunder: Yes Gallant have told me

Carpon: Good, so what can you say about this?

Thunder: Am just speechless but we all know that they are powerless, they even got help from the Viqueens regarding getting support from Lecturers.

Carpon: For them to take the bold step means they have backup, we should trade carefully

Thunder: Boss relax, Have dealt with them once, they are all bunch of failures.

Carpon: Ok if you say so

Thunder discussed more with their boss before he went out from his Chamber.


The Angels called a meeting.

Boss: So you all now know they is a new Era of Anti-cult in this school
They all chorus Yes

Boss: That’s good, we won’t strike them first, we will wait for them to come after us, cause from what I learnt is that they are just 7 powerless girls whom are desperate to bring us all down, but not to worry, they are as good as dead. After we must have bring them down then we focus on the Viqueens.

They all rejoiced and praised their boss.


Gallant called all the Viqueens together for a meeting.

Gallant: Am sure all of you have heard the announcement of the new Foolish Anti-cult that has been created in the school. Why are called them fools is that they don’t know whom they are dealing with, We the Viqueens have dealt with them before, we will still do it again.

They all hailed her as she continued talking to them with enough power.


The Black Angels called all their members together.

Carpon: Another era of Anti-cult is here, we must not allow them get wings here, Lets cut it now before it grows, and as for the Vikings, we must surely bring them totally down.

They all share the Carpon up, chanting and rejoicing.


Cynthia: Yes I can feel it (She said closing her eyes)

Tracy: You can feel what dear?

Cynthia: They are all planning their next plan on us

Mary: Hmmm, which people
Cynthia opened her eyes and looked at her friends.

Cynthia: We must stick together, they are planning against us already, lets be careful.

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