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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 102
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We held hands and cried, oblivious of the fact that a crowd was gathering around us. To us, we were the only people left in the world. The happiness was great, and the world was one beautiful place.

“Forever?” she whispered tremulously.
“Forever, my love,” I said gently. “Only one negative thing.”
“What’s that?” she asked, troubled instantly.

“Oh, I found out my father’s real name,” I said with a chuckle. “Kyekyeku. I’m Yao Biko Kyekyeku now. Means you’ll be Mrs. Abena Adobea Kyekyeku.”

“Oh, what a horrible name!” she said with a smile. “One I’ll wear with the biggest of prides, my love. Oh, Yao! I thought I would die! I couldn’t take it!”
“I’ll spend a lifetime making each painful second I caused you up to you, my love!”
“I’m going to burst, Yao,” she whispered, her tears falling faster. “This happiness will kill me!”

I smiled happily, feeling exactly as she was feeling.

“I feel the same, Maa Abena,” I whispered. “If you don’t kiss me, right now, the bubble of joy I feel will just make me float into the air.”
Weeping, laughing, happy, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I wound mine around her waist, and crushed her to my chest…

The taste of her lips, dear Lord…just the taste of her lips…

“My birthday is in two weeks,” I whispered against her lips. “On that day we’ll have our wedding. On the day I was born, I’ll find my heartbeat.”

“Oh, Yao, you’ll kill me!” she whispered, and then she kissed me so fiercely that I wished she would never stop kissing me.
It was a fine day.

A very fine day!

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