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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 17
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‘You see Yande, God does things in decency and in order. He cannot hook you up with someone who is already hooked up. You have to be careful with people that you meet, those that are married or involved. You have to be careful with them because they are thieves, Mwewa was a thief and your sister didn’t even know it. He came into her life to steal the best thing that God gave her; her youth. Men who cheat once mostly never stop, they keep cheating, they are never satisfied. He wasn’t. He never stopped with her, maybe started with her but my husband became adventurous.’ She said pausing
Yande looked at her anger sweeping across his face.

‘As married women we go through a lot. Conceal a lot; society expects us to be the back bone and pillar of our homes even though we are on the verge of breaking down a million times over.’


Things were back to normal in our house, it was as if he had not cheated a day. The baby was a few months old and Mwewa had gone to see it on a number of occasions. And not once did I ever feel like he was going to get back with her, because at the back of my head he had finally learnt his lessons and he wouldn’t do anything that would hurt us.

Man was I wrong.

A lady showed up at my work place one afternoon, I was in a meeting so she had to wait for me to finish.

The school was enrolling and so we were meeting with the board to see how best we could improve to make the environment more conducive for the kids.
‘Sorry for keeping you waiting.’ I said settling into my chair

She smiled at me, she was dressed in a black wrap dress and gold stilettos. Her legs were crossed exposing her beautiful dark skin. She had gold drop earrings and her light make up was to die for.

She looked somewhat in her early fifties or late forties. All of a sudden I had a huge respect for her.

‘I have all the time in the world.’ She responded calmly
I smiled back feeling relaxed.

‘Can I offer you anything?’ I asked
‘A glass of water will do thank you.’ She said with a smile again
I stood up and poured her some water from the dispenser into a glass tumbler and handed it to her.

‘Thank you.’ She responded, drunk from it then placed it on the table.
‘My name is Mrs. Kabwe, but everyone calls me aunty Grace.’ She began
‘How can I assist you Aunty Grace?’ I asked with a smile

‘I am a respectable woman, I have a good heart and I have done all I can to do right by everyone. But my daughter is my only bad seed.’ She said

‘Mrs. Musonda I wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t beyond me, I have talked to her but she won’t listen and now I just realised that maybe if I took this route you would help me.’

‘I am listening.’ I said very sure that her daughter was one of our pupils
‘Tell your husband to stay away from my daughter, she is everything I have.’ The lady said her voice breaking

I felt a pain pass through my heart, I could see that she too was in pain.

She opened her handbag and removed some photos placing them on the table.
‘Quonnie is my only daughter, this is not the kind of life that I want for her. But I can only do as much as a mother, please talk to your husband. Maybe just maybe he will leave her alone.’ She said before getting up
I looked at the photos, it was of Mwewa and a young girl sitting in a compromising position. One could tell that there was more to this, I had lost my husband to the dogs and there was nothing I could do about it.


‘Did you ask him?’ Yande asked
‘I did.’ She said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes


I looked at the time and it was lunch hour, I knew he was on lunch break too. So I drove to his work place unannounced, his secretary tried to stop me but I walked past her.


Ellie paused as if to hold a thought
‘Mwewa was in the office standing his pants down. The girl had his crotch in her mouth. Her hands on his balls. The look on his face disgusting.’

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