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Dial - Season 2 - Episode 99
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That village girl! That uneducated, proud and spirited girl.

Without her, there was no me, no happiness and no air for me!
I almost cried as I drove, wishing for the first time in my life that I could stop the hands of time, but by the time I swung into the parking lot of the church, it was three o’clock!
It wasn’t really a big church. People were dressed in white and gold mostly, and there was a lot of noise all around.

There was a wall around the church, and I dashed through the main gates. I saw the garden to my left, packed with tents and white-covered tables and chairs, but I didn’t stop. There were a lot of people, and I saw the decorated wedding cars to my right.
Those sights told me two things: the wedding ceremony itself wasn’t over, otherwise they would have been at the reception, and secondly, Abena Adobea was still here!
I pushed my way through the entrance and entered the church.

People were screaming and waving white handkerchiefs, their cries of delight echoing around the church, making my heart bleed with fear and tension when I looked at the sight in front of me!

There was a young man in a blue-black suit, and he had taken Abena Adobea in his arms. She was in a wedding dress, the veil off her face, and he was kissing her!

Oh, dear!
Oh, Lord!

You may kiss the bride? Was that where they were?

I didn’t know wedding procedures much, because I had never cared about them, and I had never thought I would ever be involved in one.

But I knew enough to know that kissing of the bride sealed the ceremony, and happened after the vows had been exchanged!

I could barely stand straight!

Dearest me, oh dear Lord…I had lost my heart.
I had lost my air, my life, the one person who had eclipsed my heart!

Abena Adobea was gone!
Oh, dear…oh, Lord!

I wasn’t aware that I was screaming and running forward until I saw the strange, scared and scandalized eyes turned on me!
I raced down the aisle, totally mad, totally out of control.

“Maa Abena!” I screamed. “Abena Adobea! Don’t, please! Oooooh, Adobea, Adobea, nooooooo! Dooooon’t! I love yooooouuuu!”

I basically couldn’t help myself!
Frantically, I pushed photographers and friends taking photos with their cameras and phones aside.

Two hefty men approached me, evidently to stop me.

I chopped one in the throat and head-butted the other in the face, and then finally I was on the altar.

I grabbed the groom by the back of his coat and pulled him away, throwing him hard and off the podium, and then I grabbed Abena Adobea by the shoulders and stared at her with a shattered expression on my face…

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