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Dilluted Bullet (Weeping Love) - Season 2 - Episode 92
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” but I didn’t make them kill you and interfere at the right time ” Precious said as she moved closer to him.

” is that watch beeping ” Precious asked him as she noticed the wristwatch on his wrist beeping.
” what ” Ben exclaimed as he brought his face down to check it.
” f--k, run ” Ben screamed to Precious as they both ran towards the empty transporter. It was only remaining fifteen seconds to go before the explosives Ben had installed detonate.

” get us out now” Ben screamed at Snap over the Bluetooth headset in his ear as he followed behind Precious to the empty transporter.

The little crawling gadgets Ben activated earlier was meant to give Snap the ability to control the Transporters.
” roger that ” Snap replied.
Precious had already entered the Transporter , waiting for Ben to enter.
” noo ” Precious screamed as a whip suddenly wrap around Ben’s neck, Ben swiftly stretched his hand and Precious quickly got hold of it.

” where do you think you’re going ” Miss bull eye asked with a wicked smile as she held the whip tightly and Precious too held his hand making it a duel between the two of them on who’s getting him.

Ben was already gasping for breath as his face had already turned red.

Ben motioned for Precious to leave him and she did and he fell down hitting his head on the ground.

He swiftly brought out a knife from his pocket and cut the rope from his neck as Miss bull eye was already dragging him away from the Transporter, he flung the knife at Miss bull eye but she swiftly dodge it.

The Transporters ignited themselves and was already about to leave.

Ben swiftly got up but it was too late as he heard the beeping of his wristwatch stop.
He swiftly launched himself into the air as he tried to jump into the Transporter.

The explosion force pushed him into the Transporter making him crash hard against the metallic body of the Transporter.
It was a narrow escape for the kids as the Transporters sped out of the bunker through the Transporter route.


Good morning, this is Eve Omare on AM News on BBC this morning.
Here’s the headlines.

Three days after the exposure of the dangerous organization and their bad deeds, all the core members after Mr Charles, has all been apprehended.

The president as declare the next three days to mourn those whose lives were lost in the process of recovering his daughter, especially his friend, Mr Wealth who sacrificed his live for him.

Every parents whose kids were among the rescued kids has all lay claim on their kids with proof.

With the help of an hacker named Snap, every kid’s name and pictures that has lost their lives due to the barbaric acts of mask organization will be unveil tonight so as for parents to identify which kid is theirs.

The president in his recent speech has made a promise to root out any organization like the mask and bring them to justice.
Now the news in full.


” even if you take him out of the country, there’s nothing that can be done about it, he’s gonna wake up but not anytime soon ” Doctor Jude said to them.
Mr and Mrs Oladele and Gina had really been on the doctor’s neck concerning Ben’s health issue.

He was lucky to be semi alive as the explosion did left him half dead.according to the doctor, his brain too has already been deeply that his chance of him regaining his memory when he wake up is 10/100 and it was a miracle that he was still breathing .

The president after receiving all his money from Snap had pardon Ben and Snap, freeing them from any case for their previous crime and Snap has also been helpful to the president as the president has kept him by his side to take care of the issue of the mask.
” I’ve heard you doctor, please just try every thing in your capacity to make sure he wakes soon ” Mr Oladele said to the doctor as he comfort his wife.

Gina’s eye had lost it brilliance after days of restless tears.

She suddenly stood up from the chair she’s sitting on and ran out of the doctor’s office
She located Ben’s ward where he was sleeping peacefully and was surprised to meet another lady sitting beside him holding his hand

” who’re you ” she asked with a surprised expression.
” oh, you must be Gina, heard about you from Snap, I’m Precious, Ben’s childhood friend ” Precious said getting up as she clean the traces of tears on her face.
” I’m sorry, I didn’t not know he had a childhood friend ” Gina replied as she also got the tears on her face away.

” it’s alright, please make sure you take good care of him and his kid inside you ” Precious said to Gina.
” What, how did you know ” Gina asked with a surprise countenance.
” you don’t need to worry about that right now ” Precious replied.
” he’s a strong guy but I doubt he’s gonna wake up soon , him been alive is a great fight which he deserve an accolade for but I want you to please stay by his side always and whenever he wake up, tell him, his friend came over and he might not be able to see me for a long period of time ” Precious relay to Gina.

” just waiting for you to tell you this ” Precious said to Gina before she exit the ward before Gina could utter a word.
Gina sat beside Ben as tears rolled down from her eye as she stared at him.
” remembered your promise to me ” she asked holding his hand as more tears rolled down her eye
” you said you’re gonna come back to me, no matter what ” Gina said as she started sobbing now.

” I’m missing you along with your kid inside me” she added as she cried loudly as she’s been doing for days.
” wanted to make it a surprise for you, that’s why I didn’t tell you, we’re missing you here” Gina said crying more as she placed her head on his chest.
” it’s alright ” a voice suddenly said tapping Gina on her shoulder.

Gina startling stood up and was surprised to see Wisdom.

She fell into his embrace as she sobbed.
” he’s a great guy, I know he’s gonna wake up soon ” he added as he pat her on her back.
” thank you and I’m sorry for your dad ” Gina said still embracing him.
” you don’t have to be sorry, he’s only doing his duty and he also told me inside the ambulance that he has cancer of the brain, fourth level, which means he’s gonna die anytime soon, so you don’t have to blame yourself for his death ” Wisdom said to Gina as she freed her from his embrace as he wiped off the tears on her face.
” I’m here to withdraw his corpse from the mortuary, we’re leaving for Abuja tonight, take care of yourself and your dad ” Wisdom said to her before he exited the ward.

Two months later.

” you look more good on the hospital bed ” Snap teased laughing out loud.
” so you don’t want me to get well abi so that you can claim the title of the best hacker to yourself ” Cyber replied humorously.
” it’s okay like that na, but I’m gonna miss you and it was really nice working with you, hope we keep In touch when you get to USA ” Snap said to Cyber .
” we’re gonna keep in touch, and you’re also free to ask for my assistant whenever you need it ” Cyber replied Snap.
” even if it meant me taking the next flight here, I’m gonna get my ass on the plane ” Cyber added humorously.
” we’re gonna miss our flight ” Toy screamed at Cyber as he had gone with Katherina to secure their ticket.
“I’m coming ” Cyber screamed back.
” take care of Ben ” Cyber said to Sandra who was standing beside Snap as he hugged her.

” I’m going to do that ” Sandra replied him.
” farewell bro” he said hugging Snap too before he catch up with Toy and Katherina.

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