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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 70
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Linda Girls College

Katherine’s POV

I bumped into someone as soon as I
stepped out of the classroom. It was lunch
time and I had made up my mind to eat at
the cafeteria and then read a book at the

“Are you blind?” Cynthia barked
“Sorry..” I apologized
She hissed out loudly. I didn’t say anything
to Cynthia. I tried to walk away from her
but she blocked my pathway.
“What do you want Cynthia?”
“Have you forgotten we have an unsettled
business?” She said

“I don’t remember..” I lied
“Come on..stop pretending Kate”
Cynthia leaned in and I stepped backward.
“Senior Tola is waiting” she said
And I became scared
Senior Tola was the Headgirl. She was
mean, rude, selfish and spolit like Cynthia.
And She was Cynthia’s school mother. She
wanted me to be her daughter too but I
declined. I chose Senior Faith over her. She
was the Assistant Headgirl. And Senior
Faith was the exact opposite of Senior Tola.
“I’m not coming with you” my voice
quivered as I jerked free from Cynthia’s

“Trust me Kate, I’m doing this for you” she
dragged me behind her.

I knew what would happen to me if I was
alone with Cynthia and Senior Tola. I
wished Senior Faith would just show up
and save me from Cynthia but she didn’t..I
guess she was busy reading in the library.
“She’s here” Cynthia announced when we
got to a classroom far from the school
main building. Senior Tola showed up with

two other girls behind her.
“Hello Kate” she said
Cynthia pushed me forward
“Did anyone see you?” Tola asked
“No my lady” Cynthia replied
“So let’s get down to business” Tola said
“Wh..what do you want from me?”
“Calm down babe” Cynthia warned with a
finger pressed to her lips.
“You rejected me and chose that stupid girl
over me. Now you want to be the next
Headgirl” she said

“No,I’m not Interested in being the next
headgirl” I replied
Cynthia wanted that position. She was

“Everyone wants Katherine Adebowale to
be the next headgirl but I want Cynthia to
be my successor” Tola said
“Okay..” I mumbled
“I wish you would just disappear from this
school” Cynthia said
“Actually we can make her disappear” Tola
And they laughed
“Hey! What are you thinking?!” Tola

“We are evil? Come on! we are better off
than Holydevil Faith” Tola said
“She doesn’t know Faith’s secret” Cynthia

“Maybe they are in it together” Tola replied
I wondered what they were talking about.
Tola came to me
“Stay away from Faith” she said
“I can’t stay away..” I replied
Tola pushed my forehead
“She doesn’t know the truth. Maybe we
should tell her faith’s secret” Cynthia said
“She won’t believe us. Faith is her Joy” Tola
And they laughed again
“Then let’s prove it to her..”
Tola silenced Cynthia with a finger in the

“What are you saying?”
I asked
Tola stared intently at me
“Faith is a l£sb!an” Tola spat
I went still
“I’m sure she didn’t tell you..” Cynthia said
“No..” I managed to say
No! They are trying to poison my mind so I
can stay away from Senior Faith.
They laughed again
“Do you want to know the truth?” Tola
I didn’t respond
These girls are unpleasant and mean. They
are ready to destroy anybody.
“Faith is not a l£sb!an!” I screamed at them
“You don’t believe us?” Cynthia asked
“I’ll never believe you” I replied
“You’re a fool..”

Cynthia tried to hit me but I was quick to
hold her wrist.

“I don’t care if Faith is a l£sb!an!..Or
whatever!” I said
But deep down in my mind, I was troubled.
I didn’t want to believe what I just heard
about faith.

“Get out” Cynthia tried to fight me.
I released her and ran out of the room as
quick as possible. I was disturbed when I
saw Senior Faith in the library. I wanted to
ask her if she was truly a l£sb!an but I held

Faith can’t be a l£sb!an!
I concluded

Two weeks later, Tola sent a note to me.
She asked me to come to her by 10:00pm
whenever the students are sleep in the
dormitory. She said that she won’t disturb
me again after the meeting. I shouldn’t
have believed her but the foolish me
grabbed a touchlight around 9:58pm and
started walking towards the location Tola
sent to me. It was quite far from the
dormitory and I did my best at not getting
caught by our mistress. On getting to the
school female toilet, I heard soft m0ans. I
was confused and I couldn’t place what
was really happening. I walked in closely
and it seems like a student was satisfying
herself. The m0an!ng grew louder which
irritated me. I opened the door only to find
the greatest shock of my life.

Senior Faith sat on the floor with her eyes
closed and two fingers in her hole. She was
so engrossed in the act that she didn’t
notice I was watching and pointing a light
at her.

“Senior..Faith” I whispered disgustingly
She opened her eyes slowly, it was as if it
would pop out anytime soon!
“Oh..” She laughed as she kept rubbing

I felt bile rose up in my throat and quickly I
rushed to the sink to empty the content in
my mouth.

Suddenly I felt a touch on my skin..On my
back first and slowly it touched my butt. I
pushed Faith away from me but she
grabbed me and soon my back was on the
ground. Faith was stronger and I couldn’t
fight her. I smelled alcohol in her breath as
she slammed her mouth against mine.

Alcohol?! Faith was drunk!

I tried to fight her but she was too strong.
I knew the alcohol had taken the best part
of her and she was driven by a demon.

A sob welled up in my throat as I tried to
pushed her off my body. Then she hit me
across the face and I screamed. Faith held
me down, and when I thought she was
going to do worst things to me…Someone
opened the door.. Maybe Two..Cynthia and

Tola managed to get Faith away from me
in a struggle while Cynthia stood still with
her phone. They looked satisfied with
everything that happened that night. So I
ran back to the dormitory in tears. I tried
to tell myself that everything was fine.
Tola was right! Faith was a l£sb!an!

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