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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 71
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“That’s horrible” Jones said with a
disgusting look
Yeah! Finding out my school mother and
trusted friend was a l£sb!an was a shocker
for me!

“Is that all?” Jeffrey said
I cleared my throat and continued
“I didn’t know everything that happened
that night was Tola’s plan until I saw the
pictures of me and Faith on the school
page. Actually, Cynthia took pictures that

I swallowed hard
“I guess Tola and Cynthia are pretty much
like Angella and her girls” Temi said with a

“So you left Linda Girls College because you
were labeled as a l£sb!an” Elena said
“Yes, my dad had to withdraw me from
Linda Girls College”
“And you didn’t bother to ask Faith why
she was a l£sb!an” Jeffrey said with a
concerned look.
“Faith was having a big problem with
boys” I said

They all raised their eyebrows
“She was raped by her stepfather at 13” I
said in a low tone

“That’s sad” Temi muttered
“Somehow her mom found out it so Faith
was transfered to Linda Girls College. Faith
came to me when Tola leaked the pictures
on the school page. It was a set up to
expose Faith and also destroy my
reputation so I won’t be the next Headgirl.

Tola was indeed smart! And I couldn’t
defend myself because I had to protect
Faith even after everything she did to me. I
was mad at her but all I had against her
went down the drain after she told me her
story. Faith doesn’t trust men anymore
because her stepfather abused and raped

her..Not once or twice. He went to her
anytime her mom was away at shop.

According to Faith, one day she build up
the courage to tell her mom everything.
Her mom confirmed it after checking Faith
at the hospital but her husband denied it.
He claimed that Fairy s£duced him” I
paused and inhaled a handful of breathe
“That’s lame” Jones muttered
I nodded and continued
“Her mom ended her marriage with the
man and then sent Faith to Linda Girls

“So she started liking girls and satisfying
herself after the incidence with her
Temi said
“Yes but I didn’t suspect it”
I said

“Did she show you any special affection?”
Jeffrey asked

“Yes..Like Faith touching the sensitive parts
of your body whenever you are alone with
her” Emeka added
“Faith was nice and kind. And she never
touched me or behave kind of..” I replied
“This Is so complicated. I’m confused and
worried. I’ve been wondering who the
anonymous person is -” Elena grumbled
“Angella Benson of course!” Emeka spat
“I don’t think its Angella” I Said
“Why? Kate have you forgotten Angella
vowed to deal with you?” Temi reminded
“I know but she doesn’t know about my
previous school or what happened”
“But she knows the name of your previous
school. I mean what if Angella did some
background check on you”

Jeffrey said with a serious face
“I agree with Jeffrey. Angella might find
connections At Linda Girls College just to
destroy you” Jones added

“Well we can’t just sit here and continue
thinking” Temi said

“What do we do?” Elena asked
The same question I’ve been asking myself
since i locked myself in the locker all
day..feeling scared to face anyone.
Now my greatest fear was facing my dad
again. I had received a call from mom that
he was coming home today. Actually, Mr
Joel called him and told him about the
news. And at this point I’ll do anything to
make him understand me just like how I
did with my friends.

“Don’t worry too much Kate, we’ll sort
things out” Jones said
They all nodded in unison.

I was stunned to see them in the hallway. I
thought everyone had gone home, so I
would sneak out of school like nothing had

“I’ll talk to Angella Benson” Elena said
“No” I objected

“I..I don’t want anyone to get into trouble
because of me” I said
“Trouble? I don’t care! Do I look like am
scared of her?!”
Elena said

Annoyance clear in her tone.
“If Angella thinks she can do anyhow then
we have show her that things aren’t done
that way!” Temi said angrily
“And I think at this point, we should talk to
Mr Joel. Let’s tell him everything” Elena said
“And let’s teach Angella Benson a lesson”
Jones added
“I agree”

Jeff and Emeka said at the same time
Emeka cleared his throat
“Kate you have to be strong, build up your
courage because tomorrow we are all
going to talk to Mr Joel. Enough of this
nonsense!” He slammed his hands on the

“Better don’t spoil EHS property” Jones said
And we all laughed
“I have a plan” Jeffrey said
And we all turned to look at him
“What’s your plan?” I asked
Jeffrey stood up and came to me.

“There is only one way to find out the
culprit” he said
“How?” Elena asked
“.. Using fire to catch fire” he said
“Omo Ina la n ran si Ina”
Temi said in Yoruba

“I don’t understand, Oga Jeffrey please
explain” Emeka said with a confused look.
“Who is close to Angella and her girls?”
Jeffrey asked

We exchanged glances
“A bit” Jeffrey added
Jones pointed to Emeka and the rest of us
joined him.

“Ahn no! I’m not close to Angella” Emeka

“But you’re friends with Caroline and
Elizabeth” Elena said
“And have have forgotten you’re Caroline’s
crush” Temi added

And we busted into laughter. A deep frown
formed on Emeka’s face.
“Eww..Caroline that looks like baby frog”
he said disgustingly
And we laughed again

“I don’t even like her and she knows that
too” Emeka said
Jeffrey clapped his hands
“Emeka, you will be a great help to us” he

“Don’t even think of using me to catch the
culprit” Emeka said
Temi hissed

“Before nko”
“Oga Jeff you must be kidding” he said
“You said you’re willing to help na” Temi

“See Kate it’s in trial times that you’ll know
true friends” Elena said
“So am not true to kate right?” Emeka

“Yes! So prove to us that you are a true
friend” Elena said
Emeka stared at me
“What’s the plan?” He said
Jeffrey briefed us about the plan. A secret
plan! That will help us find An Anonymous


Thanks for Reading!

This is what happens when you have true
friends on your side! they stick with you
no Matter what!
Kate is really lucky!
Now don’t ask me about the plan in the
comment section cause i won’t reply!
It’s a secret!

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