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Empire High School  - Season 1 - Episode 72
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Wednesday Morning

Joseph’s POV

“Angella! Angella!” I called at her in an
open field but she didn’t stop. I raced
down from the stairs to catch up with her.
I wanted to find out if she was involved in
the rumor going around the school.
“Kate is a l£sb!an”
Someone posted it on the school page and
send out a broadcast to the students.
I caught up with Angella and swirled her to
face me but she jerked free and slapped me
across the face.

I was shocked by her response!
Students stopped to stare as they began to
whisper into each others ears.
“Are you involved in the false news?” I
managed to say as I fought the strong urge
to hit Angella.

“And who told you everything they said
about Katherine is false?!” She growled
Angella folded her arms
“You are surprised to find out that she’s a
l£sb!an! Yes! Kate is a l£sb!an! And you’ve
been in love with a l£sb!an!”
She screamed

“Kate is not a l£sb!an!” I barked at her
Students gasped in shock
“I know..this is your doing! You said that
you are going to deal with Kate! Are you
not tired of getting rid of people because
you always want to be the main one and
center of attraction and attention!”
I stopped

My chest rising and falling
“I’m sick and tired to trying to figure out
why you turn out to be a thorn on people’s
flesh, doing nasty things to others,
bullying, locking up students and..
Now..going to the extreme of digging into
someone’s personal life! I hate all

these..everything you are doing Angella!”
I said loudly
“So what?!”

Angella slammed her hands on my chest. I
staggered backward
“I’m a bad girl! I want everything! I want
to be the best! I deal with whoever steps
on my toes! I don’t care about anyone
except for myself! And most of all I hate
Katherine Adebowale because you were so
sweet on her! I hate you..Joseph James for
falling for that b---h!” She said angrily
“You’re the greatest b---h I’ve ever
encountered! A sly and the most dumb and
foolish girl in the world! You are so stupid
Angella Benson!” I said
I noticed a tear slid down her cheek as she
stared at me in shock.

I knew she was involved in the case!
Angella was getting back at Kate for my
own crimes! And I wanted to just out an
end to everything!

“Good girls don’t have to destroy anybody
to get whatever they want. Anything that
belongs to you will definitely find you. And
If you know what is good for you, go and
confess to the principal and get purnished
for your crimes” I said in a low tone
Trying to control my anger.

“I’m..I’m not a criminal!” She said shakily

“You’re worse than a criminal!” I blurted
“I’m not going to admit to a crime I didn’t
commit!” She shot back at me
And she wants me to believe her?
Students murmured
“And you want us to Believe you didn’t set
Kate up just like how you did to me?” A
loud voice said in the crowd.
I looked up and Adesewa revealed herself.
“Don’t try to deny to look good Angella.
Remember you set me up in the boys toilet
to get rid of me” she said
Adesewa was right!

Angella did set her up to get back at her for
trying to hook up with me at Emeka’s

“S..stay out of this..” Angella mumbled
“Come on stop shedding crocodile tears! Mr
Principal is coming for you very soon cause
I already explained everything to him”
Adesewa leaned forward and stood in front
of Angella with a bold stance
“I made a decision that I won’t let you
destroy Kate the way you did to me. Why?
Because she’s a good girl. I tried to make
her work with me so we could destroy you
but she declined my offer..which was a
test. She passed it. And I realized that there
are still good and beautiful girls in the
world. Kate has the good looks and also a
beautiful heart. She’s totally different from
Adesewa said

“Yes! You’re right!”
Someone interrupted Adesewa.
I looked beyond and Jeffrey was there!
Walking towards us with Temi, Emeka,
Elena and Jones behind him.

This guy? What’s he up to?
I searched for Kate but she wasn’t with

“Everyone listen up!” Elena said loudly
“We have sonething important to say to
everyone!” Emeka announced with his
hands covering his mouth so they would
hear him clearly.

Jeffrey stepped forward
“Actually, the news you read on Monday is
False! And fabricated by Angella and her
girls just to destroy Katherine’s reputation”
Jeffrey said

Student gasped in shock
Most of them were surprised to see Jeffrey
talking..Some of them had never heard his

“Ghost Man decided to speak up today”
Students began to whisper furiously
Ghost man defending his girl! Its no longer
a news to me, i knew something was going
on between Kate and Jeffrey ever since he
called her “My Girl”
“That’s not true!”

Angella’s voice stunned me out of thought
“I’m innocent!” She screamed
“You posted those pictures because you are
jealous of Kate!” Temi shouted

“I didn’t post..”
“Liar!” Elena screamed as she tried to get to
Angella but Emeka held her back.
“Do you know Cynthia George?” Jeffrey
Angella didn’t respond
“Do you know Cynthia?” Jeffrey asked
Angella was silent
“Answer him!”
“Don’t act like you are deaf!”
“You are not dumb Angella!”
Students shouted
Who is Cynthia George?

Angella looked at me
And why is she not answering?

That name might be the clue.
“Do you know Cynthia George?!” I snarled
at her

“Yes..!” She cried
“Have you met her?” Jeffrey asked
“Y..Y.. Yes” she replied
“How did you get to know Cynthia
George?” I asked
I knew everything about Angella but i
haven’t heard of her having a friend named
Cynthia George.

“Sh..She’s Caroline’s cousin” She said
Jeffrey exchanged glances with his crew.
“Angella and her girls lied to everyone!
Kate is not a l£sb!an!” Emeka shouted
“Prove it to us that Kate is not a l£sb!an”
“Those pictures says it all!”
Students commented indifferently
“You’ll find out what really happened in the
pictures” Jeffrey said

“We can’t keep waiting forever!”
Emeka silenced the students
“Very soon!”
“So for now.. Everyone back to class!” Elena
barked out

“No more show..Or season film” Jones said
Students grumbled
And the crew swayed into action of using
the canes in their hands to make them

Students ran and withdrew back to their
respective classes.
“Angella, Mr Joel wants to see you” Jeffrey
said with a serious face
Angella mumbled
“Go and meet the rest of your team” Temi
said, sticking out her tongue at Angella.
“You won’t go Scot free Angella. Please
make sure you take her to Mr Joel’s office
so she won’t sneak out of school” Adesewa
said before walking away
“That’s true” Elena said
I was confused
“Can anyone atleast explain what’s
happening to me?” I demanded when they
all made an attempt to leave with Angella
“Ask from Emeka”

They said in unison before walking away
with Angella. Emeka followed them but
Jones stopped him.

“Stick to the plan..” Jones pushed him back
“After..everything is settled” Emeka

Jones objected with a nod
“Hey Joseph!” Jones called
“You guys should try to settle your
differences!” He punched Emeka’s chest
gently before running off to join the rest.
“I’ll join you soon!” Emeka shouted
Jones waved
And slowly he walked back to me.

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