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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 100
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I woke up with an urgent need to puke and I made to the bathroom just in time. I felt a little relieved I sat down besides the toilet praying to that this shouldn’t be morning sicknesses. Seriously the thought I may actually pregnant is depressing the shit out of me.

Once I felt a little better I took a shower. I have noticed how these days I get big and bigger by the day but I just avoid thinking too much about it, that is why I covered up the mirror with a sheet. Once I was done I put on shorts and a lose string top with some hills to give me a little bit of height. Today I am 21 and I want to feel free and happy but so far depression is dominating right now.

While I was having my breakfast and thinking about how my day could possibly go… I heard a door bell ring and when I opened the door there were a bunch of flowers and a big box of chocolate with an envelope at the door mat.

A smile automatically appeared on my face as I already knew who dropped them here. I picked them up and went back in.

Nowadays he just showers me with gifts but avoids making an appearance. Every night I receive a good night message with kiss emoji. Maybe this separation maybe the best decision we ever made. I put the flowers in a vase with water and took the card
Happy birthday and Valentine’s Day
We may be on a separation

But that doesn’t stop me from loving you
And I will never stop loving you
Thinking of you
Your love
I took the card and placed it next to the flowers and opened the envelope. They were company documents. I read through them by the time I was done my heart was pounding so hard I felt like screaming and dancing on top of the couch. I immediately took out my phone and called him.

Henry: happy birthday and Valentine’s Day baby

Me: henry what did you do?

I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice.

Henry: I just made you the owner of one of the biggest most successful law firms just like I promised, oh and I changed the name to T.Y Law firm

Me: Ty as in Tyson?

Henry: no… T for Trisha and T for Tyson

Me: really…. Oh henry you seriously think I can handle a company?

Henry: baby… if there is anyone who can handle this it’s you… all we need is your signatures baby

Me: I don’t understand… how the hell did you buy it wasn’t it expensive?

Henry: the owner wasn’t even planning on selling it… it took a whole lot of convincing

Me: and you went through all that trouble

Henry: you are worth it baby

Me: but henry… I don’t think I can do it

Henry: don’t worry you are going to be a super great boss okay…

Henry: hey zee…Wait up.
I stopped and turned around to look at henry, I am actually surprised that he stopped me, we barely talk.

Henry: look man I want us to make a little something for Trisha

Me: us?

Henry: yes… with the whole of the family… just for today with the family.

Me: man I got my girl to take of

Henry: look man, it won’t take the whole day… just lunch… a special lunch. I already talked to the others and they agreed…. You can go out with your girl after this

Me: well if you already talked with the others then why are you talking to me?

Henry: I need your help with a few things

Me: my help?

Henry: yes… so far you are the only one who truly know Trisha

Me: I will take that as a compliment and I will help you just email me what you need to know and I will reply you, right now I am keeping my girl waiting.
Henry: thanks… and I now this may not be the time but I want you to know that I am not proud of what I did

Oh! This going to get awkward
Me: yeah, it’s okay I have to go anyway
I quickly got in my car and left. It’s not like I have been holding a grudge on him anyway. I am just happy with my girl right now.

My eyes almost popped when I saw her she was dressed in a tight black dress that went all the way to below her knees revealing all the perfect curves and revealing her cleavages. She chose to go with flats for shoes. She had plaited her hair into a puff for a change and she had her make up on point, just the right amount of red lipstick.

Oh God I want to kiss that tiny little mouth and leave it a little bit swollen. I opened the door for her without saying a word, I wasn’t sure if I opened my mouth I would actually say the right words because right now I am feeling so hot.

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