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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 105
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Flash back

Me: I lost a baby and my father

Henry: yes baby

Me: I was pregnant?

Henry: yes

Me: and my father is dead…

Henry: it’s going to be alright

Me: no… nothing is going to be alright… nothing is going to be okay what kind of a woman am i… I didn’t even know that I was pregnant

Henry: it’s not your fault okay

Me: it’s not my fault…? if I knew that I was pregnant I wouldn’t have even taken such a risk

Henry: next time you will know and we are going to a plan for the right time to have a baby okay


Mrs. Tyson: Trisha… Trisha…
I quickly glanced at her

Mrs. Tyson: are you day dreaming

Me: (whispers) I lost my baby

Mom: what was that darling?

Me: nothing

Mom: like I was saying Trisha, being pregnant is a hell of a job… you should start keeping henry under your arm.

They laughed only to be cut short by me yelling

Me: I am not pregnant… what can’t you understand

After I stopped yelling I immediately bit my tongue and I wanted to cry but then henry entered. Oh heavens know how much I dreaded his entrance and he seemed to get it with the way his face was disturbed. I stood up and went out, he followed me and held my hand just as I was about to get into the car

Me: don’t… touch me

Henry: why did you call Tracy?

Me: oh she called you

Henry: it doesn’t matter what matters is why was there a need to hurt yourself when you were doing fine

Me: you know what henry… I deserve to know okay… now leave my hand before I fall sick.

Henry: Trisha

Me: leave me henry… just fu-Ckin leave me
I yelled and he let me go, I unlocked my car

Henry: Trisha… we both know that driving in your emotional state is your hard limit.

Me: I fu-Ckin don’t care… and don’t you dare try to follow me because I know you do and tell your people to get off my back, if I see one of your people behind my car I will crash mine on purpose and it will be your fault.
Yes… stick that up your ass henry


Okay what the hell just happened? I went inside and the first person I saw was my dad looking furious

Me: it’s not me it’s the hormones.
Her birthday cake arrived and told Rena and Chloe to take care of it.

Honestly I don’t even know what it is. I took my phones and called Ken… the guy who I hired to be Trisha’s guard. He is the one who informs me about everything that Trisha does.

Ken: Mr. Tyson… I am behind her

Me: make sure she doesn’t see you or even have feeling that she is being followed okay.

Ken: yes sir

Me: if she causes an accident you are fired
I hanged up. Trisha is seriously giving me a hard time I don’t know why she decided to take such a stupid step. What’s more frustrating is that she believes that she is not pregnant. I can’t help but feel that it is my fault that is why I have taken it upon my hands to make sure she is safe and well.

After a few minutes I received from Ken.

Me: yes

Ken: sir we have lost her

Me: you what?

Ken: I am doing all I can to find her sir

Me: if you haven’t found her in the next 10 minutes you can say bye to your job.

I hanged up frustrated as ever.


I found myself at a night club. Maybe it’s just what I need. I walked inside and went straight to the bar counter.

Me: line up shorts
I told the bartender. He looked at me and frowned then he did as I told him to. I had three shorts at one go, this could be bad for me but it can also help me forget all my problems just for one night right. my phone began to ring continually and I just ignored it

Me: vodka… the strongest you have got.

Bartender: mam aren’t you pregnant

Me: no! What is wrong with you will you just bring the vodka

Three shorts and I am already feeling tipsy. I received my bottle of vodka. ”Aren’t you supposed to be pregnant“ a familiar screamed over the banging noise from behind me and I turned only to find Andile.

Me: Andile…

I laughed and took a gulp.

Me: my husband wanted you back off that’s why he said that.

Andile: really but from your appearance you look pregnant.

Me: will you stop trying to ruin my mood. Any way why are you here… are you stalking me

Andile: no I am not… I own this club

Me: oh… are you a millionaire?

Andile: no I am not

Me: well I am a millionaire
I put the empty bottle on the counter.

Andile: how long have you been here?

Me: I don’t know… roughly 15 minutes

Andile: and you are already drunk

Me: I am not drunk if I was drunk I would be able to remember that my husband and my best friend are liars and cheats.

Me: hey Mr. Bartender… another bottle, it’s my birthday you a-----e don’t look at me like that

Andile: you are definitely drunk

Me: am i? It’s a pity… hey where are the rest rooms

Andile: I don’t think you should go to the rest rooms… its dangerous for a girl like you

Me: a girl like me… what is wrong with a girl like me.

Andile: I am just saying…

Taylor swift song filled the whole club and I screamed.

Andile: what happened?

Me: Tay is my jam… do you want to go and dance

Andile: not really

Me: come on

I tried dragging him to the dance floor but he flatly refused. So I went up there and tried to free my mind


It’s been an hour and my impatience has turned to irritation. I am even thinking of calling the police since she doesn’t answer. Next time I am putting a tracking device on her phone. I was from her house but she wasn’t there and right now I was at the coffee shop and still no clue of where she went.

My phone rang and the caller ID revealed that it was her. I answered.

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