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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 107
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Henry: can’t you see that you are pregnant, you are pregnant Trisha get that into head do you understand me.

He locked his eyes with mine through the mirror and so I quickly nodded.

Henry: so far you missed four appointments with the doctor you are not missing the next one because weather you like it or not you are pregnant and I am going to make sure that you give birth to this children this time.
He let go of me and set on the bed. I picked my gown up.

Me: I’m sorry
It felt like the right time to say those words. He halted up and went into my closet. I sat down on the floor with tears streaming down my cheeks. He came out with a dress and flat shoes.

Henry: stop with those tears Trisha
My God he is so cold. He gave me the clothes.

Henry: go and take a shower right now and I said stop crying.

He said and went out. I am pregnant… really pregnant, somehow deep down I knew that it was true and today henry has left me no choice. Stood up and went to shower. When I was done I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my tummy, yes it was big, and the way a pregnant woman’s tummy should be. I thought about going downstairs but then I sat on the bed first. I am not ready to face henry again he is so furious.

Once I gained the courage to go downstairs I found him by the kitchen counter with prepared breakfast. He looked a little calmer

Henry: sit down and have your breakfast. I sat a little bit far from him on the counter stool and he came and sat across me. He stared at me with a straight face. My eyes dropped to the food my heart pounding and my mind wondering when he will leave. I cleaned the plate because honestly I was famished. He took the plate and cleaned it then took the car keys. Finally he is going…

Henry: let’s go..

Whaa! He took the house keys

Henry: I said lets go… your purse and phone are at the car

Me: where are we going?

Henry: I am taking you to your mother’s place since you have proven that you can be irresponsible.

What… no! I like staying alone here

Me: I said I am sorry

Henry: I am not negotiating anything with you Trisha
I felt my heart sink. The look on his face said I should get up and go to the car before he gets all angry again.

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