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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 108
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Mom: Trisha… are you ready?

Me: no…

Mom: don’t be like that sweetheart, come on let’s go in.

We were at the consultation room door and I wasn’t sure I wanted to get inside. Mom had dragged me to the saying it was Henry’s orders.

Me: mom… what if I get sick?

Mom: the doctor will take care of you

Me: okay let me go and take some tissues at the car

Honestly I was just looking for a reason to go back but when I turned around Henry was right behind me. I felt my heart sink. I wonder when he arrived he didn’t even say he would be here.

Henry: I got some tissues.

My heart pounded for a little as I thought about what he did yesterday… it’s a miracle I don’t have a bruise on my cheek, what annoyed me was the fact that he made it seem as if I am the most irresponsible person on earth when he talked to mom although he didn’t say anything to her about what I did. I turned around and entered the consultation room.

The doctor gave us a wide smile. annoying

Doctor: Mrs. Tyson… I am so glad you managed to make it this time. Please sit on the bed.

I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed. Mom sat on the chair and Henry sat next to me. I kept silent as she checked everything.

Doctor: you seem to be o point

Henry: that’s good

Doctor: so right now we need to check the baby. Can you pull your top up and lie back on the bed.

I did what she asked me to do and gosh just the sight of my tummy made me feel depressed. She applied a cold jelly like cream on my tummy and set up the equipment. Soon I was looking at the three little shadows shaped like peanuts on the screen. My own babies… my three tiny peanuts. I felt an overwhelming feeling taking over me. I wanted to smile and laugh… I have three little things inside me. I smiled and henry held my hand. My smile disappeared. His eyes were sparkling with happiness.

Mom: wow…

Henry: you can say that again

Me: are they okay

Doctor: yes they look perfectly fine… just keep healthy and then nothing bad shall happen to them.

Henry: can we have like a video of that.

Doctor: sure

Mom: I will be right back

She went out as her phone was ringing. Once the doctor was done she also promised to be back and went out. I sat up straight wiping the cream from my tummy.

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