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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 109
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Henry: Trisha…
I turned to him.

Henry: I am sorry for what I did… I shouldn’t have slapped you, I crossed my line.

Me: you did Henry

Henry: it’s just that it was the first time I saw you act that careless and reckless, you almost got raped do you know that and you are pregnant… When I tried to make you realize that this is real you denied it and… you have no idea how it makes me feel when I know that if you continue like this then you could lose the babies.

Me: I know I acted recklessly but you slapped me

Henry: I know and I am sorry babe… I won’t ever go that far again.

He looked so sincere… can I trust him? He sq££zed my hand a little and I gave him a brief smile…I mean I can’t blame him for acting the way he did… I also went over the limit and I am pregnant… my God I am pregnant.

Henry: can you tell me why… you refused to believe that you are pregnant?

Me: i… I don’t know… it’s just… it kind of reminded me of the time when I got a miscarriage and I didn’t even know that I was pregnant.

Henry: oh baby… but this time it’s going to be different okay,

Me: but nothing is different from the last time henry… we were having problems just like this time

Henry: trust me baby… I will always protect you okay…. You are not losing these three. Just as long as you don’t act recklessly again. You are going to give lives to three tiny people.

He was staring at me with so much and passion and love in his eyes. I smiled and a tear went down my cheek and he brushed it off with his thumb then kissed my forehead and a hug. For a moment there I felt totally complete in his arms. Like there were no problems and everything was centered us.

The next day I met up with the lawyers and signed the company papers. Once I was really the owner of T.Y law firm, I called a board meeting to announce the changes.

Everyone was so shocked as if they didn’t realize that something was going on. Most of them wanted to know if they will be losing their jobs.

After everything I decided to celebrate at my work place.

During the party I was surprised to see Andile around in a suit for that matter.

Me: hey you

Andile: hi… nice party

Me: thanks

Andile: and you look magnificent

Me: thanks… what are you doing here?

Andile: well I wanted to submit the papers to you

Me: I thought I gave you my e-mail address

Andile: you did but I thought today might be the day that we actually sit together and discuss everything

Me: wrong timing… you didn’t even make an appointment

Andile: we could have worked something out anyway you look so much huger than the last time I saw you… you still positive you are not pregnant

I slightly laughed while remembering my last encounter with him.

Me: I was drunk… I am pregnant as you can see

Andile: great… but you sure drink like a crazy woman

Me: don’t make me throw you out.

Andile: you are a nice woman… your husband was nuts… she beat up the guy who attacked you at the toilets half to death

Me: oh… did he?

Andile: and he didn’t sound too happy with you, he was swearing like mad, I hope he didn’t hurt you

I felt a bit of a discomfort overwhelming me. I didn’t have to explain myself to this man.

Me: he would never

Andile: well… great

Me: yeah…

Andile: the last time it seemed as if things aren’t great between the two of you, are you okay now

Me: seriously Andile… this is none of your business I am at the edge of throwing you out of my building

Andile: okay I am sorry but I want you to know that you can consider me your friend therefore if you need anything you can come to me.

Me: that’s very generous of you but I am good… hey do you know that we are celebrating my ownership of this company… my husband gifted it to me

Andile: how nice

Me: hey… where are the documents… since I am the upper one in the management I am going to give it to one of our best lawyers I am sure he will handle it.

Andile: I was also going to suggest that because you know… you are pregnant and you don’t need more work load
As if…

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