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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 111
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Me: so you stalk me because you need my help then suddenly you want me to give it to someone else… how weird

Andile: I was thinking in your favor actually

Me: where the documents…

Andile: they are at my car I will go and get them

Me: good I will be waiting

He went away and never to return again.


I had been waiting for Fadz from the doctor for two hours and during that time my mind drifted to how I grew up. Sometimes life can be unfair I mean was there any particular reason I had to grow up without my parents. I now live in a family were everyone is used to comfort and I know what the taste of suffering.

Right now I have like a million in my account and I didn’t even have to work hard for it. All I do is make sure everything is running smoothly at the Sindia express and then I get flow in of money that is enough to feed a nation in a month.

Fadz finally opened the door and I drifted back to the present. I kissed her and started driving.

Fadz: hey… you okay.

Me: yeah, I am alright.

Fadz: you have been thinking something… And I can tell it was something deep.
I smiled at her. She is already getting to know me really well.

Me: how did you know that?
She also gave me a smile.

Fadz: it was written on your for head.
I automatically held my forehead then we both laughed.

Me: I was thinking about everything. I want to start making my own money
She frowned.

Fadz: you make more than enough.

Me: no I don’t. I am going to start my own company… In fact I already have an idea, I am going to start a construction company. It will surely make a lot more money.

Fadz: why the need for so much money… I hope you are not turning out like those people who never get enough.

Me: don’t worry babe…. I am not.

Fadz: well great… But what’s the need for more money. You got more than you need.

Me: I am going to do something big with that money…. I suffered a lot when I was a child because there was no one to help me… And I am sure that the suffering did not end with me…

I glanced at her and she was listening attentively

Me: There are still a lot more kids suffering out there. Just imagine that drug dealers use those kids who suffer as their sales man. Some girls are prostitutes just because they need money to take care of themselves and their families. Imagine right now how many children are in a class room knowing right now that there is nothing to eat at home or the mother is sick in a hospital… There is help for the mother but only if there was like 30K available…

She placed her hand over my shoulder as I was talking, she could tell that this issue is a sensitive one

Me: Just imagine today how many students decided to quit school to find a job because their parents are dead and they have to take care of the siblings or those who have subjected themselves to prostitution or drugs or those who are turning out to be thieves because they feel as if it’s what they have to do in order to survive…

Fadz: babe…

Me: I have been there… I know how it feels Fadz… I am going to try and help out these kids but I have no idea how long it will take

Fadz: that is so great… And so… I don’t know how to explain how I feel right now.

She kissed my cheek.

Me: the only thing I need now is a plan…

Fadz: you just thought of everything babe…

Me: no I mean I wonder if my family will allow me to run a separate company, a company that is only owned by me and not the Tysons

Fadz: you already are what’s the big deal

Me: didn’t I tell you that the company I am running is for Trisha’s little brother?

Fadz: really… you mean the unborn one.

Me: yes, Trisha’s father used to run it but then he was shot and Trisha said she couldn’t take the big company because she knows nothing about it and I was the best candidate.

Fadz: oh… if that’s the case then I suggest you talk to you talk to your parents I am sure they will understand.

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