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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 114
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We all turned to look at henry who was busy on his I pad. He looked up at all of us.

Henry: yes

Mom: one could swear you have started your very own company… what have I told you about the dinner table.

Henry: sorry mom… I was just double checking something.

He put the I-pads on the side and picked up the spoon

Mom: you were double checking your wife. Did she arrive home safely

Henry: yes she did.

Mom: good that means you can eat right

Henry: yes mom.

Sam: dude if you can’t stay away from your wife why don’t you just go to her

Henry: shut up Sam

Mom: henry… language

Henry: sorry……

I stood up and went to my room feeling a little down and less confident about my plan. I decided to video call Fadz. The first call went un answered. I called again this time she answered, I was just about to ask her why she didn’t answer then I noticed how wet her hair was and she was trying to dry it with her towel.

Fadz: hello lover boy

Me: you been taking a shower

Fadz: yes… what’s up

She put the towel down and sat on the bed. With wet hair… that is not healthy right… she could get cold.

Me: are you going to dry your hair?

Fadz: don’t worry about my hair I will deal with it later

Me: no… you go and dry your hair right now… with a hair drier

Fadz: really…

Me: you could get a cold

She rolled her eyes and shifted. Then I realized that she was wrapped in a towel. It’s a bit chilly and she wearing a towel with wet hair.

Me: do you have a hair dryer?

Fadz: yes I do… hold on you didn’t call just so you can tell me to dry my hair right

Me: yes I didn’t but dry your first and put on something warm I will call you after an hour

Fadz: oh my gosh…

Me: really after an hour
I hanged up when I looked up henry was by door folding his hands and grinning. I frowned

Me: what…

Hendry: you really like that girl don’t you

Me: yes I do and I am most positive that you won’t be able to take her away from me.
He smirked

Henry: no I won’t even try I am fine with my crazy childish moody girl right now… she is my life line

Me: oh

Henry: yes.

Me: how can I help you?

Henry: yes about that… I was listening to your idea at the dinner table and honestly I think that’s a great idea

Me: okay

Henry: and I listened to dad, he had some strong points starting a business from scratch alone can be hard.

Me: yes I got it

Henry: so I want to suggest something for you… I have a friend who is also in the process of starting his own company… a construction company, he recently paused this whole project of his because of lack of money. So I thought maybe if you could partner with someone like him then it wouldn’t be so bad

Me: okay… what is his reason for starting this whole project.. I mean you know why want to start this whole business in the first place

Henry: honestly your motives are almost similar… he is a school dropouts and he pretty much didn’t have much growing up… his motive was to create job for those school drop outs… you know, people without any qualifications

Me: oh… great. But that would mean we would share this company like fifty?

Henry: yes but it’s a good deal

Me: thanks … I will think about it

Henry: good I will leave now.

An hour later I called Fadz as promised, only this time I had recovered from my earlier lack of confidence.

Fadz: I am putting on jeans and a jersey, my hair is dried and i am also putting under my blankets

I smiled… she was informing me as if I wouldn’t believe her

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