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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 115
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An hour later I called Fadz as promised, only this time I had recovered from my earlier lack of confidence.

Fadz: I am putting on jeans and a jersey, my hair is dried and i am also putting under my blankets

I smiled… she was informing me as if I wouldn’t believe her

Me: good girl

Fadz: so will you tell me now

Me: you look so beautiful do you know that

Fadz: will you please… oh my God stop trying to irritate me

She was saying this but she was blushing then she hang up. I like how nowadays she blushes when I compliment her. I called her again

Fadz: you called again

Me: don’t hang up… I will tell you now.
I narrated all that happened during dinner and what henry told me.

Fadz: well partnering with someone will definitely help but my dear that person is just like you… he has no business background no qualifications whatsoever and he will be hiring people without qualifications.

Me: I get your point but don’t forget that we are doing this top help people

Fadz: how do you think this is going to appear on your profile?

Me: not good

Fadz: although I think that it will be good if you meet him once, who knows he may turn out to be profitable.

Me: you are great… PA

Fadz: so you agree

Me: no I don’t

Fadz: well its your problem so deal with it
She yawned. Then leaned back.

Me: are you tired?

Fadz: what do you think?

Me: well you just yawned so

Fadz: no… I am not tired

Me: okay… but you are going to work tomorrow

Fadz: where?

Me: at your mother’s shop

Fadz: please… what do I have to do to prove that I will be good as your personal assistant?

Me: are you serious right now… I can barely think about work with you around me

Fadz: give me a chance then I will show you that you can work with me around.

Me: oh dear… you are impossible, okay fine I will give you a chance.

She jumped around with excitement,

Me: its late now go to sleep

Fadz: no… sometimes I think you hate me when we are talking like this… you are always in a hurry to hang up

Me: I would never hate you baby
We chatted until I could see that she couldn’t keep awake anymore. She ended up sleeping leaving the phone on the bed then I hanged up.

The next day before I headed to work Sam brought up the topic.

Sam: so have you thought about it

Me: yes but I would like to ask henry a few questions first

Henry: sure

Me: this guy who you suggested why do you think it would be great if I partnered with him?

Henry: well for a start… the guy may not have financial support but he is very hooked with one of the most top investors who are ready to invest into his business if he succeeds to make it come to live

Me: okay… so this guy comes with investors

Henry: yes
I narrated to my family about henry’s idea and how I think I could actually build up something from that

Dad: well I will not discourage you…

Me: thank you dad

Dad: if you need money just let me know

Me: yes… henry when can I meet him?

Henry: he is not in our country… he is actually next door, Zim

Me: oh…

Henry: yes

Me: so how do think this is going to work? I mean he is not here

Henry: it will work perfectly fine… so if you want to set up a meeting I will inform him then you too can meet

Me: there is what we call technology, I think we can actually have a meeting through Skype

Henry: great I will talk to him.


Leading a big company is supposed to be hard but I think this is actually the easiest company to run. Everyone knew what to do… I didn’t have any problem with anyone. Andile had never returned to my company again and I wondered why the hell he troubled me in the first place ”Mrs. Tyson…“ a voice startled me from my thoughts. I was sitting in my chair looking out the window facing away from my door. I took a deep breath and twirled the chair around to meet the person calling me out. It was one of my new employees.

Me: yes Greg

Greg: uh… Mr. Andile was here and he came with his case… I am the one that attended to him since all my seniors were busy and he wants me to work on it.

Me: where is he?

Greg: he is down stairs mam

Me: call him up here… let him know that I want to see him
In a few minutes he entered.

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