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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 116
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Me: it took you four days to get your documents from your car

Andile: I got an emergency call

Me: really… you seem a little bit shady

Andile: do I… hello Trisha

Me: good day Andile… please take a seat.

Andile: so you wanted to see me
He sat down making himself comfortable
Me: yes… I really want to know what the deal is with your sister who you want to open a case for

Andile: I believe she didn’t get any justice… the case didn’t even go to court… she was sent straight to jail

Me: for how long is se serving

Andile: I think it’s for a life time… I mean even she doesn’t know

Me: why was she arrested in the first place?

Andile: she has been accused of murder

Me: murderer… she killed a person

Andile: that’s what I was told

Me: do you believe it?

Andile: I know my little sister did some shady stuff to earn a living but I don’t think she has the capability of murdering a person.

Me: but you do know that it is possible that she could have murdered the man right

Andile: I think that would have been possible if it was self defense

Me: I see… so you said she did some shady stuff… what kind of shady stuff where you talking about

Andile: I don’t know… I think you should come and talk to her yourself

Me: yes, I will… if you don’t mind me asking. When all this happened… where were you and why didn’t you help your sister out

Andile: I was overseas… I couldn’t do anything and you know all she ever wanted was money…

Me: I don’t get it if your sister did kill a man she does deserve to be in prison but if she didn’t then I will get her out.

Andile: I want her out in both the circumstances…

Me: we may be a law firm Andile but trust me I don’t like thugs out in the streets, it makes a world a dangerous place

Andile: my sister is not a thug

Me: if a murderer is not a thug then what makes thug Andile… just let my lawyer see if she is innocent

Andile: do you think my sister killed him

Me: I don’t know… Andile… I was not there… look if she is guilty then I will make sure she is prosecuted in the right way.

He stood up.

Andile: you are getting bigger by the day

Me: thank you

Andile: do send your, lawyers to see my sister then we will talk again after that

Me: great

Andile: I am going now
He left my office. I was left with a lot of wonders… surely if her sister did murder a man then she deserves to be locked up isn’t it right… or am I just being cruel?

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