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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 117
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Fadz: Zenzie
She busted into my office making me stand up. She was breathing really hard like she was being attacked by someone. I rushed to calm her then checked who was outside but there was no one just my secret6ary

Me: baby… what happened

Fadz: they are out

Me: they are out… who is out?

Fadz: they are out am so scared

Me: I can clearly see that you are scared but who is out… is someone out to get you

Fadz: no… the results… the exam results are out

The results…. My goodness. I made her seat on the chair then I sat on the table

Me: the results…
She nodded.

Me: I thought people were attacking you

Fadz: are you joking… I am not the results are out

Me: why are you scared baby, do you think you did bad

Fadz: I know I did bad… I hated school…. I chose to dance than to study.

Me: stop being negative and let’s search your results

After a few minutes she was hiding her eyes while the results were before her on the laptop. She didn’t really do bad but the way she was so negative

Me: babe

Fadz: is it really that bad?

Me: you have got all D’s… I am deeply disappointed in you… 33 points isa too low for you
She looked at me as if she was about to burst into tears then she grabbed the laptop and looked at her results. She looked at me with an expression I couldn’t really make out then I laughed. She hit me with a fist

Fadz: I didn’t fail you dumb stupid… I have 42 points.

Me: well you are the one who acted as if you hold the record of the world stupid girl.

She laughed

Fadz: Zenzie… If you weren’t my boyfriend I would have probably kicked your crouch…
She lightened up almost immediately after she said that. She called her parents and told them. So far I was having progress with my project. I talked to Mr. Shamu and it seemed he was more than pleased to partner with me. The next meeting I would be meeting with him personally, I have volunteered to go to Zimbabwe.

Fadz: my mom is happy she is already planning my future

Me: babe… in the next two weeks I am going to Zim

Fadz: really… that’s so great… I am going with you

Me: no… I don’t want you there I want you here

Fadz: have you ever seen a person going on a business trip without his PA… besides I might actually get see my family that side

She was so excited, I don’t know if it was the fact that I was going to her father’s birth place or the fact that she has actually passed. Either way she didn’t take no for an answer.



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