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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 118
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I started at my laptop wondering what to do. I could feel my heart beating fast. I was not sure what was happening. The door swung open and mom appeared at the door step. I quickly closed the laptop. She smiled at me.

Mom: baby… breakfast is ready.

Me: I am coming mom

Mom: you said that for the past hour

Me: don’t worry I am still busy with some work

Mom: okay baby

She left and closed the door. I opened my laptop again and looked at the threats sent through my e-mails…

From: anonymous
Subject: my freedom
Date:12 march
Time: 03:00
To: Trisha Tyson

Dear Mrs. Tyson how is life for you?
Mine here is not pleasant. You may think you have won but you are not looking at where you are going… you are going towards a dead end
Be careful
Is this a prank… is this some kind of a joke from henry. I closed the lap top and went downstairs for breakfast. Mom had made waffles, they have become my favorite thing right now. She smiled at me and I tried to return her smile but my face betrayed me, I couldn’t hide the worry that was in my face. She was huge… but I couldn’t be the one to judge because I was almost as big as her.
When I arrived at the office I found the lawyer dealing with Andile’s case at my door step. I allowed her to inside but she told me that she wasn’t staying for long. She just wanted my signature. I took the papers and told her that I will return them but she told me that she doesn’t have time she just want me to sign now so she could get to her work but experience taught me never to sign anything without reading it. When I persisted on reading it she said she will come a little later with the papers and she left.

If you ask me I would say she is a little… apprehensive.

Later that night when I arrived home I found mom sleeping on the couch with a bunch of medicine containers on her side and with two cups of coffee. There was someone who was here. I wondered what must be up with her, I went to try to wake her up. She lifted her eyelids and smiled at me.

Me: mom… are you okay?

Mom: yes, just a little pain on my back

Me: okay… would you like some tea

Mom: no… I would like to sleep

Me: not up ion your room?

Mom: no… my room is a bit stuffy

Me: okay… was there anyone here?

Mom: yes… a nice young lady, she was lost and asked for directions

Me: you had coffee with her

Mom: yes… she seemed tired

Me: oh mom, you are too sweet

Mom: let me rest my dear
I switched on the air con for her as she was sweating.

I took a shower and put on my night gown. I looked at my image in the mirror placing my hand over my huge belly. I looked like I was nine months pregnant. My tummy was basically rising every minute, I guess it was one of the packs of carrying three people in my tummy. I received an e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your day
Date: 12 march
Time: 19:00
To: Trisha Tyson
Had a great day?

Okay I was sure that it was Henry, I smiled alone wondering what kind of a prank he was pulling. I decided to call him.

Henry: hey…

I kept silent for a while his voice was sinking in reminding me of how much I missed him

Henry: Trisha… are you there

Me: yes I am here

Henry: I miss you
I missed him too, so bad. I felt like it has been ages since we separated. He stopped making appearance around me and I missed him so much it felt useless to be angry at him. I didn’t even know why I was separate from him anymore.

Henry: Trisha… Are you okay

Me: yes… I am just wondering what kind of a joke you are pulling

Henry: a joke… why would I pull a joke on you my dear?

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