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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 119
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Acting clueless. I smiled and rested on the bed it was so nice listening to his voice, I didn’t want him to stop speaking.

Me: I don’t know… because you can’t stay away from me

I could almost feel him smirking over the phone

Henry: you are right… I do miss you but now I feel you too can’t stay clear of me… you had to find an excuse for calling me
I smiled but not for long as I received another e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your mother
Date: 12 march
Time: 21:00
To: Trisha Tyson

Is she well?

Henry: hey… why are you silent?

Me: henry… this is not funny

Henry: babe I swear I am not playing a prank on you, what’s happening?

I sat up feeling my heart pounding as I remembered how I found my mom sweating and weak. I received another e-mail

Me: henry… you are not sending me any E-mails

Henry: no, what’s happening will you tell me
I opened the e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your mother
Date: 12 march
Time: 21:04
To: Trisha Tyson

Are you sure she is asleep?

Me: mom… mom
I whispered and rushed downstairs to her. I held her hand and she was freezing. She was also pale her eyelids were still flapping. I tried to make her sit up but it was useless… she was bleeding. I only remembered that henry was still on the phone when I heard chattering. Tears started gushing out as I tried to speak to henry

Me: henry… please help me… mom… mom, mom is bleeding

I was shaking her in panic while the phone trembled on my other hand and I think I was screaming.

Henry: Trisha… say something I am coming there

Me: mom… I think someone poisoned her… please hurry I may be too late

Henry: there will be two people at your door step let them help you take you mom to the hospital…. I am on my way okay.

He hang up an almost immediately there was a knock on the door. I rushed to the door and opened up. Two giant men rushed past me carried mom to the car. I sat beside her holding her hand trying to keep her awake. She mumbled something which I couldn’t make out and I kissed her hand. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her… not after I lost my father. When the car stopped these two men carried her and rushed her in. I tried to keep up with the nurses but the other man held my hand

Him: Mr. Tyson said you should sit down and try to calm down. I will get you coffee

Me: but my mom… she is

Him: I know mam but please its not good for you to get worked up like this

The other man came with a nurse and the one holding my hand left. The nurse took me to the waiting room asking me useless question.

Nurse: are you okay

Me: is my mom going to be alright

Nurse: what did your mom consume?

Me: I don’t know… I think it was coffee

Nurse: where you with her

Me: no I wasn’t… is she going to be okay

Nurse: I will inform you after a while.

She left me. the other giant came with a cup of coffee. The only thing I could say to him while I was this worried was thanks

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