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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 121
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Fadz: Zenzie
She busted into my office making me stand up. She was breathing really hard like she was being attacked by someone. I rushed to calm her then checked who was outside but there was no one just my secret6ary

Me: baby… what happened

Fadz: they are out

Me: they are out… who is out?
Fadz: they are out am so scared
Me: I can clearly see that you are scared but who is out… is someone out to get you
Fadz: no… the results… the exam results are out

The results…. My goodness. I made her seat on the chair then I sat on the table
Me: the results…
She nodded.

Me: I thought people were attacking you
Fadz: are you joking… I am not the results are out

Me: why are you scared baby, do you think you did bad
Fadz: I know I did bad… I hated school…. I chose to dance than to study.
Me: stop being negative and let’s search your results

After a few minutes she was hiding her eyes while the results were before her on the laptop. She didn’t really do bad but the way she was so negative

Me: babe
Fadz: is it really that bad?
Me: you have got all D’s… I am deeply disappointed in you… 33 points isa too low for you

She looked at me as if she was about to burst into tears then she grabbed the laptop and looked at her results. She looked at me with an expression I couldn’t really make out then I laughed. She hit me with a fist

Fadz: I didn’t fail you dumb stupid… I have 42 points.

Me: well you are the one who acted as if you hold the record of the world stupid girl.

She laughed

Fadz: Zenzie… If you weren’t my boyfriend I would have probably kicked your crouch…
She lightened up almost immediately after she said that. She called her parents and told them. So far I was having progress with my project. I talked to Mr. Shamu and it seemed he was more than pleased to partner with me. The next meeting I would be meeting with him personally, I have volunteered to go to Zimbabwe.

Fadz: my mom is happy she is already planning my future
Me: babe… in the next two weeks I am going to Zim

Fadz: really… that’s so great… I am going with you
Me: no… I don’t want you there I want you here
Fadz: have you ever seen a person going on a business trip without his PA… besides I might actually get see my family that side
She was so excited, I don’t know if it was the fact that I was going to her father’s birth place or the fact that she has actually passed. Either way she didn’t take no for an answer.


I started at my laptop wondering what to do. I could feel my heart beating fast. I was not sure what was happening. The door swung open and mom appeared at the door step. I quickly closed the laptop. She smiled at me.
Mom: baby… breakfast is ready.
Me: I am coming mom

Mom: you said that for the past hour
Me: don’t worry I am still busy with some work

Mom: okay baby
She left and closed the door. I opened my laptop again and looked at the threats sent through my e-mails…

From: anonymous
Subject: my freedom
Date:12 march
Time: 03:00
To: Trisha Tyson

Dear Mrs. Tyson how is life for you?

Mine here is not pleasant. You may think you have won but you are not looking at where you are going… you are going towards a dead end

Be careful
Is this a prank… is this some kind of a joke from henry. I closed the lap top and went downstairs for breakfast. Mom had made waffles, they have become my favorite thing right now. She smiled at me and I tried to return her smile but my face betrayed me, I couldn’t hide the worry that was in my face. She was huge… but I couldn’t be the one to judge because I was almost as big as her.
When I arrived at the office I found the lawyer dealing with Andile’s case at my door step. I allowed her to inside but she told me that she wasn’t staying for long. She just wanted my signature. I took the papers and told her that I will return them but she told me that she doesn’t have time she just want me to sign now so she could get to her work but experience taught me never to sign anything without reading it. When I persisted on reading it she said she will come a little later with the papers and she left.

If you ask me I would say she is a little… apprehensive.

Later that night when I arrived home I found mom sleeping on the couch with a bunch of medicine containers on her side and with two cups of coffee. There was someone who was here. I wondered what must be up with her, I went to try to wake her up. She lifted her eyelids and smiled at me.

Me: mom… are you okay?
Mom: yes, just a little pain on my back
Me: okay… would you like some tea
Mom: no… I would like to sleep
Me: not up ion your room?

Mom: no… my room is a bit stuffy
Me: okay… was there anyone here?
Mom: yes… a nice young lady, she was lost and asked for directions

Me: you had coffee with her
Mom: yes… she seemed tired
Me: oh mom, you are too sweet
Mom: let me rest my dear
I switched on the air con for her as she was sweating.

I took a shower and put on my night gown. I looked at my image in the mirror placing my hand over my huge belly. I looked like I was nine months pregnant. My tummy was basically rising every minute, I guess it was one of the packs of carrying three people in my tummy. I received an e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your day
Date: 12 march
Time: 19:00
To: Trisha Tyson

Had a great day?
Okay I was sure that it was Henry, I smiled alone wondering what kind of a prank he was pulling. I decided to call him.
Henry: hey…

I kept silent for a while his voice was sinking in reminding me of how much I missed him
Henry: Trisha… are you there
Me: yes I am here
Henry: I miss you

I missed him too, so bad. I felt like it has been ages since we separated. He stopped making appearance around me and I missed him so much it felt useless to be angry at him. I didn’t even know why I was separate from him anymore.

Henry: Trisha… Are you okay
Me: yes… I am just wondering what kind of a joke you are pulling

Henry: a joke… why would I pull a joke on you my dear?

Acting clueless. I smiled and rested on the bed it was so nice listening to his voice, I didn’t want him to stop speaking.
Me: I don’t know… because you can’t stay away from me

I could almost feel him smirking over the phone

Henry: you are right… I do miss you but now I feel you too can’t stay clear of me… you had to find an excuse for calling me
I smiled but not for long as I received another e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your mother
Date: 12 march
Time: 21:00
To: Trisha Tyson

Is she well?

Henry: hey… why are you silent?
Me: henry… this is not funny
Henry: babe I swear I am not playing a prank on you, what’s happening?
I sat up feeling my heart pounding as I remembered how I found my mom sweating and weak. I received another e-mail
Me: henry… you are not sending me any E-mails

Henry: no, what’s happening will you tell me
I opened the e-mail

From: anonymous
Subject: your mother
Date: 12 march
Time: 21:04
To: Trisha Tyson

Are you sure she is asleep?
Me: mom… mom
I whispered and rushed downstairs to her. I held her hand and she was freezing. She was also pale her eyelids were still flapping. I tried to make her sit up but it was useless… she was bleeding. I only remembered that henry was still on the phone when I heard chattering. Tears started gushing out as I tried to speak to henry
Me: henry… please help me… mom… mom, mom is bleeding

I was shaking her in panic while the phone trembled on my other hand and I think I was screaming.

Henry: Trisha… say something I am coming there

Me: mom… I think someone poisoned her… please hurry I may be too late
Henry: there will be two people at your door step let them help you take you mom to the hospital…. I am on my way okay.
He hang up an almost immediately there was a knock on the door. I rushed to the door and opened up. Two giant men rushed past me carried mom to the car. I sat beside her holding her hand trying to keep her awake. She mumbled something which I couldn’t make out and I kissed her hand. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her… not after I lost my father. When the car stopped these two men carried her and rushed her in. I tried to keep up with the nurses but the other man held my hand

Him: Mr. Tyson said you should sit down and try to calm down. I will get you coffee
Me: but my mom… she is
Him: I know mam but please its not good for you to get worked up like this
The other man came with a nurse and the one holding my hand left. The nurse took me to the waiting room asking me useless question.
Nurse: are you okay
Me: is my mom going to be alright
Nurse: what did your mom consume?
Me: I don’t know… I think it was coffee
Nurse: where you with her

Me: no I wasn’t… is she going to be okay
Nurse: I will inform you after a while.
She left me. the other giant came with a cup of coffee. The only thing I could say to him while I was this worried was thanks

What the hell was I thinking leaving two pregnant women together without any guardian? I kept on trying to contact her but she wouldn’t answer. When I arrived I rushed straight to the receptionist and she told me where I would her.

I rushed to her and found her sitting alone on the bench with Ken and Cliff behind her, she was not crying or over reacting this has to be a first. I sat next to her and with the way she didn’t react I guessed she couldn’t realize that I was by her side. She was holding a coffee cup so tightly it could crush any time.
I gently held her hand and a wave of panic hit her, she spilled little coffee on my feet and it was cold. she looked at me with red eyes.

Trisha: henry
Her voice cracked and tears started gushing out. I hugged her to stop her from crying
Me: it’s going to be alright baby… it’s going to be alright

Trisha: she was bleeding…
Me: I know… but it’s going to be alright
She nodded as she looked at me but then her attention shifted to the doctor who was coming our way with some forms.

Trisha: doctor… is my mother going to be okay
Doctor: its hard to tell with the state she is in right now… the substance she had consumed takes about 5 hours to start working and I am afraid the 5 hours has passed

Trisha: What did she consume?
Doctor: she consumed a substance that is used to terminate pregnancy but I don’t have time to explain right now…. We need your consent to perform a surgery on her, we have to take the baby out before he completely dies.

Trisha: but she is like three weeks early
Doctor: I know Mrs. but if she or the babies have any chance of surviving we have to do this
Trisha grabbed the papers and signed everything before the doctor could even explain to her what needs to be done.
Trisha: do anything for both of them to survive
Doctor: okay

He turned and left. I held her cold hands and led her to sit back down. I took out my jacket and covered her with it. She leaned on me and closed her eyes. I wanted her to tell me about the person who was e-mailing her, I wanted her to show me the e-mails but I didn’t want to disturb or upset her in this moment. So I let her rest.

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