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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 122
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Me: henry you have got to be kidding me.
Henry: trust me its for your own safety
Me: really… For some reason I think you are overreacting.

Henry: I am not…
I shook my head looking at all the guards around the corridors. He was over overreacting about this. I mean its not like I dont care about my mothers safety but seriously… Henry had went and got the whole security team of 20 guys to guard us…. I dont know what gave him an idea that someone is behind my life. Ok… Yes… I did receive threats but the person chose to harm mom instead of me which means its one of dad’s enemies who wanted revenge. At least thats the possible theory I could come up with. There was a person inside mom’s room and outside… Then there was this giant man “ken” who is following me around. It may be for my own good but he was annoying me to hell. I couldn’t have a moment to myself. He had two guards on the ward where the baby was being taken care of…. One would swear that we are a family of royalty.

He has this sick idea that he might be reoson why this people are attacking us. To tell you the truth… I wouldn’t be suprises but something just told me that he us not the one to blame this time.
Me: henry… I think you are taking this a little bit too far.

Henry: baby… If anything happens to you once again because of me… I don’t know what I would do.

Me: but Henry…
He cut me off by placing a finger on my mouth…

Henry: can you not argue with me for once… I need to do this okay

I shut my mouth up and nodded. He gave me a kiss

Henry: thank you.
A nurse came out smiling and I sat upright from his laps and turned to the nurse…. Mt heart lighting up.
Nurse: Mr and mrs Tyson

Me: yes
Nurse: your mother is awake… And she requested to see you both.
A smile automatically appeared on my face… I wanted to jump up and down and scream. Finally… Its been two miserable days. Henry had to literally drag me home to take a shower and eat. Fadz came over to me with some comedy series and watched it with me. She really is nice… She was able go divert my mind from everything for a few hours. She really is differengt from every one. Zenzele did good by choosing her, I mean looking at the fact that she is has accepted me as Zanzie’s ex and she seems really secure with him.

I looked at mom… She was smiling at me.
Me: mom
Mom: baby…
Me: don’t you ever to that to me again.
Mom: I am fine
Me: why didn’t you say you were sick
Mom: dont worry dear… Death creeps, it doesn’t come running and screaming to you.
Tears started forming in mg eyes and I gave her a tight hug. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She held her tummy and looked at me. Then she looked at her tummy and her face changed. She looked at the doctor like she was about to scream
Mom: what happened to my baby.
I held her hand.

Me: mom… Dont worry. They did a surgery on you when you wee unconscious
Mom: did I lose my child… Or… Is he okay?
Me: no mom…. The baby is okay.
Mom: really… Where is he? I want to see him.
She tried go stand up but the doctor held her down.

Doctor: Mrs Sindia… Please relax. The baby will be wheeled to you
It was only after that when she calmed down. After a few minutes the nurse wheeled in an incubator that had the baby. I helped mom sit up straight. She looked at the baby then at me. She was a little stunned by the resemblance he held.

Me: I know.
Mom: he looks so much like your father… What did yo name him?
Me: his name is the baby
She slightly laughed and looked at the baby.
Me: I think you should name him Stan… Stan junior

Mom: after your father?
Me: yes…. Do you thin its a bad idea?
Mom:no… Its a wonderful idea. I like it.
I smile and give her another hug.

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