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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 123
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A week later mom was released. That was the best thing that had ever happened this whole week. The baby is still kept under observation and care of the doctor. But what I do know is that little Stan is able to breath on his own and since he was able to breath on his own… He has been crying non-stop.

Me: baby
Henry: yes
Me: I don’t want you to be away from me.
Henry: I dont either
Me: I mean… I dont want this this stupid thing I call space away from you… I dont want it any more.

I was sleeping besides him with my head on his chest on mg bed. I dont know how we got there but I knew that what I was saying now was what I wanted. I felt his chest rise a little and he turned to me. A little startled… I think.
Henry: baby… You know thats exactly what I want too but honey… You being with me means you are at a risk of getting hurt.

Me: I dont care… I want you and I love you and I need you… Do you hurt me intentionally Henry?

Henry: no
Me: then I dont care how many times you hurt me… I just dont want you away anymore
Henry: thats the stupidest thing you have ever said.

I sat up straight and looked at him. I wanted to cry.

Me: you think I am stupid
Henry: no baby… Its just that I think you are better off without me.

These stupid tears… They rolled down my cheeks heavily. Well if he doesn’t think we are good together then I dont either.
Me: Henry… Leave my house
He sat upright

Me: I said leave… Go away Henry… If you dont want to hurt me then its good… I won’t let you anywhere close me again.

He was a bit shocked by how aggressive he was either way he stood up. I wanted him to stop and tell Mr he didn’t mean it. Anyway… I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t love me anymore… I look like a hippo. He really left me… I closed the door and slipped to the floor crying. I can’t believe he just left me like that.

A few minutes later while I was still on he floor I head a nock on the door. I quickly wiped my tears away and opened the door for mom…. Only it wasn’t mom… It was Henry.

Me: what do you want
Henry: you don’t think I would leave you that easily right.

Me: what?

He got inside and held my face. I tried pulling back but before I new I this lips were on mine. I didnt even waste a second… I responded to the kiss pulling him in.

Oh The need and the craving
I have missed this men. I moved back wards to the bed and sat down while still kissing him. He m0aned in disapproval and made me stand up. He pushed my night gown from my hands and it fell to the floor. His lips left mine and his hand went over to my tummy. He planted a kiss on my belly button. He also planted a kiss on both of my things before he went down on me. I struggled to keep up… My body started to shiver but before I could explode he stopped and stood up to kiss me again.

He turned me around
Henry: you want this
I nodded

Henry: okay my love… Hold on.
He took my hand and placed it on the head board so that I lean over it.

Henry: I dont want to leave you either
He said this while we were back on the bed again. He la!d behind me. I had missed him, I had missed his touch, the way he held me. The way he kissed me. I missed all of him. Having our bodies against each other sealed the deal. I wasn’t going to let him ever leave. Never! For a moment there my mind chose to forget all the stress out there.

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