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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 126
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Trisha: honey….
Me: baby… What happened?
Trisha: are you okay…

Me: yea… What about you?
Trisha: Andile… He gave me a visit
Me: Andile… He didn’t hurt you… Right
Me: no… It just sounded like he was threatening me… He is my client and I think his case was being side tracked. But then he told me he told me that you threatened him
Me: yes… I think he may be the one sending you threats

Trisha: really… Well he won his case and I think he will be off my back
Me: okay babe… Be careful… Don’t let my babies go to sleep hungry
I heard her soft giggle
Trisha: I miss you

Me: I miss you more…
Trisha: when are you coming back?
Me: after this week.

Trisha: but I want you to home now…
Henry: don’t worry babe… I’ll be back before you know it

Trisha: well since… I am sure the person who has been threatening is not behind my back anymore will you reduce the security… I am not comfortable baby
Me: No!

I think I snapped a little too rude to her liking but I can’t risk her life to her assumptions. I don’t even like the fact that he is a client at her law firm.

Me: i am sorry for this but baby… I can’t risk your life
Trisha: from what the devil?
Me: maybe… I love you so much baby… I don’t know what would happen if you ever got hurt.

Trisha: I love you too baby
Me: so how are my little dolls?
Trisha: the…a…g…t…

She started to crack until I couldn’t reach her… I guess it must be the network. But then I received a very disturbing message that has my pounding. Abby has been released by Trisha. Why on earth was would Trisha release her…. No something is not right. Then it all hits me…. Abby must have been Andile’s sister… Andile could have tricked Trisha into releasing Abby. And as far as I can see. Trisha must be clueless. Oh shit she thinks she is out of danger. .. But the she just opened the door to danger. I tried contacting her I turned the car around explaining go Zenzele what just happened and having her girlfriend trying to contact her but she just couldn’t because her phone was off. If I could fly…. I’d be coming right back home instead of having to book a flight back

Fadz: I have a better I sea than booking a flight.

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