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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 128
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I don’t know why but I have a feeling that something is not right like someone is following me or something like that ever since Henry hanged up on me. I told Ken countless times that I feel like someone is following us but he been trying to convince me that everything is alright but I can even see it in his eyes that nothing is right.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is standing over me…. But there was no one…. Literally no one. Not even Ken. I walked outside and stopped by my bedroom door step. It was scary…. Ken was beating up every guard he has been working with and shooting them up although there was no noise being made… I guessed his gun had a silencer and they were all attacking him. I went back in my heart pounding so hard.
I don’t know what’s happening here and I think I am just about tp faint. Why on earth is Ken killing his work mates? Maybe he is the one who has been trying to harm me. I locked the door in a few minutes I felt someone trying to open it up I kept quiet then I heard ken yelling my name.

Ken: Mrs. Tyson…. Please open up…. Mrs. Tyson…. Mrs. Tyson…. I may have to break down this door…. You are in danger… We have to leave.

I know I am in danger what I don’t know is If I should trust him. He started banging down the door.

I ran into the walk in closet and curled up in a corner after I felt my door being Broken down the door of the closet opened and he came straight to me I stood up and started throwing my high heels at him screaming that he should get out. I was only i n a very short night gown.

I think he doesn’t find it effective to try to convince me that he is the good guy. He talked a fleece and comes to wrap it around my shoulder. I had stopped fighting him for now…. But I wasn’t sure what he was up to…ni was even too scared of thinking about what he could be thinking doing. He kneeled in front of me and looked in my eyes. I was practically frozen.

Ken: we have been double played. The security I was working with was part of Andile’s team. We have to get you out of danger…

With that he helped me stand up and led me down stairs passing a lot of guys on the floor with either their heads twisted or blood around them. Wait… Where the hell is my mother?

Me: Mom… Where is my mother and Junior?
Ken: Alex managed to take them go safety… All of them with hour aunts and everyone y of your family that was in that house

OK… That means Alex wasn’t part of the team… But how can I trust this man.
Me: where…. Where did you take her?
Ken: at the Tyson house

I nod although I don’t really believe it because mom would never go away leaving me in danger. I get in the car and he straps my seat belt. He starts driving and I am holding on to the fleece over my shoulder. Suddenly we hear gun shots and the car speeds about of the road. I hear Ken swearing under his breath…. This is not my night.

What the hell does Andile want from me… Why does he want to hurt me? I am bloody five months pregnant for crying out loud. Andile sticks his head outside the car window and begins to shoot while driving. I didn’t even think it up as possible but he seems good with these things. after my car window got shot and a major car accident behind us we finally hit the road.

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