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Enticed - Season 1 - Episode 129
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What the hell does Andile want from me… Why does he want to hurt me? I am bloody five months pregnant for crying out loud. Andile sticks his head outside the car window and begins to shoot while driving. I didn’t even think it up as possible but he seems good with these things. after my car window got shot and a major car accident behind us we finally hit the road.

He entered the Tyson yard and grabbed me by my arm leading me to inside a house to a room which I didn’t even know existed. Apparently it was a panic room. It was family big with couches around a TV and a big fridge. Everyone was inside including my mom and all my other family members.

That was when I felt relieved immediately mom grabbed me in a hug crying but surprisingly I wasn’t crying… This has to be a major improvement on my crying tendencies.

I sat on the corner of the couch after practically everyone hugging me. Emily wanted to sit on my laps… She didn’t want to hear any of the I am pregnant shit…

I think to her it didn’t matter because she already knew that there were babies inside mom’s tummy. I received a video after about hours of silence. I saw Henry… He was tied up in a chair and he was screaming… They were beating him up.

He screamed for my help… He wanted me to help him. The person torturing him began electrocuting him. He was a mess. I felt my heart beating on my throat. It ended with a message on the screen telling me where henry is located and warning me to come alone if not they are going to kill Henry.
Emily: is that daddy?

Emily asked somehow I managed to find my voice and smile at her.
Me: no baby… It’s not him.
Emily: but daddy looks exactly like that.
Me: no Emily… That is just his look alike
I left Emily still confused and went to the door hoping no one can see me. Ken stood by the door and asked where I was going.

Me: I need the bathroom.
Ken: I will come with you.

He led the way and I followed behind him planning an escape plane. He went in to check the toilet then went outside. I got inside and screamed while rushing out.

Me: there is a person inside there…
He rushed inside with a gun. I locked the door and took my car keys. The minute I got to the garage I heard gun shots. I think he was shooting the door down. I drove as fast as I could with my head spinning with fear. I don’t think he managed to follow me. I stopped in front of a shack in the middle of an empty area that used to be a farm. I got out and rushed inside then I saw him with blood all over his shirt and a brown sack over his head… he was tied down to a chair.

I looked around there was no one inside here something was not right but never mind that. I quickly took the sack over his face only to realize that this wasn’t henry… this was Andile…. I froze for a second. He raised his eyes with the most evil smile I have ever seen. I turned around to run away but then a lady entered holding a gun.

Gosh I think I am going to be sick
No… it can’t be… it can’t be…

This is just a terrible dream… a horrible one
Abby has the same evil grin his brother had on his face… or at least that’s what I think their relationship is.

Abby: Mrs. Tyson… nice to see you again
I couldn’t bring myself to speak…. My voice literally ran to a dark place to hide and abandoned me.

Abby: oh… thank you by the way… for releasing me. I think I will be nice to you just because you wrote a letter of my release
WTF… I never did that… I would have been nuts to do that.

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